Real dissolution

स यथेमा नध्यः स्यन्दमानाः समुद्रायणाः समुद्रं प्राप्यास्तं गच्छन्ति भिध्येते तासां नामरुपे समुद्र इत्येवं प्रोच्यते ।
एवमेवास्य परिद्रष्टुरिमाः षोडशकलाः पुरुषायणाः पुरुषं प्राप्यास्तं गच्छन्ति भिध्येते चासां नामरुपे पुरुष इत्येवं प्रोच्यते स एषोऽकलोऽमृतो भवति तदेष श्लोकः ॥ – प्रश्नोपनिषद
Sa yathema nadhyah syandmaanah samudrayanah samudram praapyaastam gacchhanti bhidhyete taasam naamroope samudra ityevam prochyate
Evamevaasy paridrushturimah shodashkalah purushaayanah purusham praapyaastam gacchhanti bhidhyete chaasam naamroope purush ityevam prochyate sa eshokalomruto bhavati tadesh shlokah – Prashnopnishad
Meaning : Just as the rivers flowing towards the sea, merge into the sea, they get assimilated in it and become extinct along with name and form and they are known as ‘Samudra’ (ocean), similarly the 16 qualities of the omni-visionary, whose abode is Purush ( the Supreme Being) only, attain Him and merge in Him. Their name-forms get destroyed and they are called Purush. That is the learned achieves unison with all the qualities and becomes immortal. This Shloka is famous in this connection.

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