When does a guru come in the life of a person ?

जन्मानेकशतैः सदादरयुजा भक्त्या समाराधितो ।
भक्तैर्वैदिकलक्षणेन विधिना संतुष्ट ईशः स्वयम् ।
साक्षात् श्रीगुरूरूपमेत्य कृपया दृग्गोच्चरः सन् प्रभुः ।
तत्त्वं साधु विबोध्य तारयसि तान् संसारदुःखार्णवात् ॥ – सर्ववेदान्तसार सग्रह:
Janmaanekeshatayeh sadaadaryuja bhaktya samaaraadhito
Bhaktairvediclakshanne vidhina santusht eeshah swayam
Sakshat Shree Gururoopametya krupaya druggoccharah  san prabhuh
Tatvam Sadhuh Vibodhya taarayasi taan sansarduhkhaarnvaat
Meaning : When a devotee worships  God in the course of hundreds of births in a Sattvik (sattva predominant) manner, with faith, following the Vedic scriptures and observing rituals, it is then that in some birth, God Shankar is pleased and appears in the form of a Guru, thus granting the realisation of the universal principle of Atmadnyan (the soul principle) in its absoluteness. He liberates the disciple from the worldly ocean of sorrow and unhappiness.

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