Seven years of Hindu persecution in West Bengal: a Report

is report was sent by Hindu Samhati, an organization working for Hindu causes in West Bengal. The report gives a brief description of 34 incidents of Hindu persecution that took place between March 2008 and January 2015.

  1. Date – 29.01.2015. Place – Usthi.Police Station – Usthi. Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description. A small dispute in a Hindu shop. 1000 Muslims attacked all Hindu shops in the market. 50 + Hindu shops looted, ransacked, gutted. Loss – cash and materials worth 1 crore rupees. State minister (TMC) GiyasuddinMollah stopped police from taking action.

  1. Date – 28.05.2014. Place – Ramona village. Police Station (PS) – Raghunathganj. District – Murshidabad.

Description – 11 year old Hindu girl was gang raped by Motahar Seikh, Bapan Seikh and Pande Seikh, all residents of Bahadidanga village.

  1. Date – 05.2014.  Place –  RampurHalderGheri village. PS – Sandeshkhali, Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Attack on villagers for celebrating after the swearing in ceremony of Narendra Modi. 26 persons including one police official received bullet wounds. 13 were treated at local Khulna health centre and 13 were taken to Kolkata SSKMHospital with serious injury. Main instigator – ShajahanSaikh, TMC elected Gram Panchayat Upa-Pradhan.

  1. Date – 25.05. 2014.Place – SarberiaNatun Bazar.PS – Sandeshkhali.Dist– North 24 Parganas.

Description –One ST youth DulalSardar of Golbunia village and 4 policemen were severely beaten up by the goons of ShajahanSeikh when returning from Police Station escorted by police.

  1. Date – 20.05.2014. Place – Dattapara village. PS – Swarupnagar. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description- Rape of a newlywed Hindu woman Lakshmi Biswas (17 yr) by Baharuddin&Saiful. Her husband works in Dubai. Now he is reluctant to take her back. The incident took place when she was (still is) at her widowed mother’s house.

  1. Date – 18.05.2014. Place – Dhalla village. PS – Margram.  Dist – Birbhum.

Description – A small, insignificant dispute. Muslims of neighbouring Imam Nagar village attacked the house of Samar Saha, fractured his head, and fractured his wife Smt. Purnima Saha’s left hand.

  1. Date – 16.05.2014. Place – Naram Colony. PS – Raiganj.Dist – North Dinajpur.

Description – One Hindu housewife aged 25 yearswas kidnapped and raped for 5 days by Sabid Ali, Usuf Ali and Pochu Mohammad in the house of Mir Mohammad.

  1. Date – 15.05.2014. Place – Angrail village. PS – Gaighata.  Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Bangladeshi cow smugglers attacked and killed Nirmal Ghosh, a constable of Rail Police.  His elder brother Paran Ghosh was injured when he tried to save his brother.

  1. Date – 13.05.2014. Place – Golbunia village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description –A motorbike gang of Shajahan Sheikh attacked/injured women, abused women and threatened villagers.  Smt Bindebala Sardarwas admitted to Basirhatgovernment hospital with serious injuries. Other 15 injured persons have been pushed out of Rajbari Rural Hospital after the doctor got a call from ShajahanSheikh.

  1. Date – 10.05.2014. Place – Arjunpur village. PS – Farakka.Dist – Murshidabad.

Description – Local Muslims attacked a Funeral Party from Hajarpur village with bombs and gunfire. Bikash Pal and Kesto Pal were injured. The party had to flee abandoning the half-cremated body of late Biren Pal to save their lives. The Muslims want to encroach the Hindu burning ghat at the Arjunpur village.

  1. Date – 30.04.2014. Place – Jhupkhali village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – 25 BJP leaders and workers including Samik Bhattacharya, BJP candidate of Basirhat constituency, were beaten up by Shajahan Sheikh’sgang when they went to visit the family of the victim of gang rape.

  1. Date – 29.04.2014. Place – Jhupkhali village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Gang Rape of a 15 year old SC Hindu girl, daughter of a rice businessman, by Osman Mollah and his 5 other goons. Before raping her, the Muslim miscreants looted Rs.20,000 cash, gold ornaments, 2 water pumps and other expensive items.

  1. Date – 23.04.2014. Place – Khaspur village. PS –  Baduria. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – 200 plus Bangladeshi Muslim mob of cow traffickers attacked Khaspur village, ransacked and looted shops and houses, molested women, including the wife of ShyamalBaidya.

  1. Date – 14.04.2014. Place – Jamserpur village.   PS – Hogolberia. Dist – Nadia.

Description – Police stopped 100 year old Hindu religious ceremony “Charak Puja” and “CharakMela” (fare) to satisfy the Muslims’ demand. With police consent Hindus agreed to hold the program outside the boundary of the ground. When Hindus gathered there on 14.04.14, a Muslim mob attacked the Hindus with arms, seriously injured many Hindus and one police officer (SDPO), looted and gutted many Hindu houses. Police arrested 3 Hindus and 9 Muslims. But, police was forced to free one MaulaviBadaruddin who was the instigator of this attack on Hindus.

  1. Date – 09.04.2014. Place – Dhalaghat village. PS – Harirampur.Dist – South Dinajpur.

Description – Muslims attacked the Basanti Puja festival (fair), broke the Basanti deity by kicking it, ransacked the Puja pandal, fractured DilipMurmu’s head, injured many persons, and molested women. All victims are Hindus belonging to the ST. Notorious Anikul Islam, Sadikul Islam and Minarul Islam led the rampaging mob.

  1. Date – 30.03.2014. Village – Sihipur. PS – Chanchal.Dist – Malda.

Description – When a Muslim thief named ‘Boba’ was caught red handed while stealing a cow from the house of Sushil Das, a Muslim mob of 200 led by local Congress leader ZakirHossein attacked the village Sihipur inhabited by SC (Hari) Hindus. More than 40 Hindus were injured, women were molested, money and valuables were looted by the Muslim mob.

  1. Date – 29.03.2014. Place – Sarar Hat village market. PS – Falta. Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Renowned businessman and leading personality of Hindu society Kartick Methiawas brutally murdered by hired Muslim goons of Md. Raja Seikh. Kartick Methia was leading local Hindus to resist the effort of illegal construction of a mosque on a Hindu ground named “Raasmath”.

Date – 01.02.2014.Place – Sarberia village. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Hindu Samhati workers were attacked by goons of Shahjahan Sheikh. Amay Bhuniaand Paresh Mandalwere seriously injured inside the TMC party office. However, the police arrested the victims.

  1. Date – 14.01.2014. Place – BikiHakola village. PS – Panchla. Dist – Howrah.

Description – A large Muslims procession on the occasion ofViswaNavi/Nabi Divas (Birthday of Hazrat Muhammad), forcibly entered Hindu villages violating the sanctioned route by local administration and suddenly attacked Hindu localities. Massive destruction and large scale violence took place. Processionists damaged four Hindu temples including one large Harisabha, and then looted, ransacked and gutted many Hindu houses, shops and agricultural lands. A total of about 100 Hindu houses, establishments and four temples were damaged and ransacked. Hindu women were abused and molested.

Details –

  1. Date – 29.12.2013. Place – Ukiler Bazar village. PS – Kakdwip. Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description– Smt. SarathiMaity, wife of local fish vendor SankarMaity, was attacked by RafikSeikh, Jamaal Seikh and Lutfar with sharp weapons. Her head was fractured, and she was molested by the goons.


  1. Date – 17.10. 2013. Place – Kashthagara. PS – Rampurhat. Dist – Birbhum.

Description – A Durgapuja immersion procession was attacked by armed Muslims provoked by loudspeakers of the local mosque. 10 Hindus injured. Among them one Army Jawan Anil Mandal’s (he came to his home on leave) injury very serious. He had to stay in ICU in the Command Hospital in Kolkata.

  1. Date – 16.10.2013. Place – Dholkhali. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – About 5-6 Muslim families slaughtered five cows for the first time in the presence of the BDO and Police. Hindus protested. In retaliation ShajahanSeikh’s goons ransacked Hindu shops at Rampur Bazar and beat up Hindus. Muslims also attacked many Hindu villages.

  1. Date – 31.08.2013. Place – Rajbari village market. PS – Sandeshkhali. Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description –The shop and residence of Kamal Bishaiwas fully looted and ransacked by Muslim goons. Gold, cash and other articles worth Rs.2 lakh looted.

  1. Date – 16.08.2013. Place – Gabbunia village. PS – Jibantala. Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Muslims attacked Hindu houses in Gabbunia village. Their fault:  they went to Kolkata to join a program of Hindu Samhati. 23 houses damaged, materials looted worth lacs of rupees. Many injured. Tapas Naskar was shot in his leg and was seriously injured by Ali Akbar Seikh. Several Hindus were injured. Smt. Sulata Ghosh (sister of Tapas) was fully stripped and molested. Few other Hindu women were molested.

  1. Date – 07.03.2013. Place – Rasa village. PS – Kankartala. Dist – Birbhum.


Description – Dispute between Hindus and Muslims over illegal mining of coal. Result – On February 7, 2013, a Hindu woman was beaten almost to death by Muslims inducing Hindus to opt for a peaceful blockade of road. This peaceful Hindu protest was avenged by the savagery of the neighbouring Muslims of the Sahapur village. Hindu houses were set afire followed by wanton molestation of Hindu women and beastly thrashing of Hindus in general. While more than 40 Hindu houses and shops were burnt down, other households were looted. Hindus there now lead a hand-to-mouth existence. Even as the devastation was going on, Hindus phoned the local police station. Police came but remained silent onlookers.

  1. Date – 20.02.2013. Place – 4 Hindu villages named Naliakhali, Herobhanga, Gopalpur and Goladahora. PS – Canning.Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description – To take avenge the murder of one Imam of a Kolkata mosque by unknown assailants, 200 truckloads of Muslims from distant Kolkata and other places attacked these four villages. The huge mob ravaged, looted, and gutted Hindu houses and establishments. Police were meek spectators. In fact, the rioters took Diesel from the police jeeps to burn the Hindu houses. The main instigator was Ahmed Hasan alias Imran, TMC Rajya Sabha MP, Editor of one Bengali daily, Founder President of West Bengal SIMI.

  1. Date – 20.02.2013. Place – Jalaberia. PS – Kultali. Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Smt. Krishna Banik, a Hindu housewife, while returning from Kolkata, was forcibly abducted by the Muslims at MollarChak and raped. The culprits also stole the Rs.8000 which she was bringing for her daughter’s marriage.

  1. Date – 20.02.2013. Place – PriyorMor village. PS – Joynagar. Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description – 19 shops owned by Hindus were looted in the market of PriyorMor by the Muslims.

  1. Date – 14.05.2012. Place – Taranagar and Roopnagar villages (2). PS – Joynagar. Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description – To retaliate against the murder of a SUCI Muslim leader, large scale violence was unleashed by the Muslims. They fully looted and gutted to ash about 100 Hindu houses of these two villages.

  1. Date – 6,7,8 September 2010. Place – 8 villages in Deganga. PS – Deganga.Dist – North 24 Parganas.

Description – Dispute over a lawful Durga temple and a Muslim burial ground. 200 Hindu shops and 50 Hindu houses were looted, and burnt. Five Hindu temples were desecrated. Main instigator was Haji Nurul Islam, the then TMC MP of Basirhat.

  1. Date – 14.07.2010. Place – Dalanghata. PS – Diamond Harbour.  Dist – South 24 Parganas.

Description – Molestation of a Hindu girl by a Muslim boy at the time of Rathayatrafestival. The girl slapped the Muslim boy. In retaliation,a large Muslim mob looted and damaged many Hindu shops and few Hindu houses. Two Hindu temples were damaged.  50 buses and vehicles including a few police vehicles burned.

  1. Date – 10.07.2009. Place – Jhaubona. PS – Nowda. Dist – Murshidabad.

Description – Dispute on offering Namaz inside Jhaubona High School.Two Hindus and one Muslim killed. All Hindu shops at Trimohini market were looted and burnt. All 25 Hindu houses of Darapara village (part of Jhaubona) have been looted and burnt.

  1. Date –09.07.2009. Place – Norit village. PS – Amta. Dist. – Howrah.

Description – 22 Hindus including 16 women severely beaten up by Muslims. Women were badly injured and molested. Inhuman torture on aged woman who wasviolently dragged on the ground. Ornaments looted. Pretext – dispute over a lawful Kali temple in the village.

  1. Date – 11.03.2008. Place – Panchla market &Panchla village. PS – Panchla. Dist – Howrah.

Description-54 Hindu shops were fully looted and gutted. Few Hindu houses including 1 TMC leader (Prashant Bej) were fully looted. Pretext – one petty dispute in a jewellery shop.


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