Importance of Sagun Sadhna

• The propounders of a few sects were against idol-worship and today, you can see the tallest statues in the world made by the followers of their sects everywhere! Poor followers! They are inviting ridicule for the Nirgun Tattva Dnyan (unmanifest principle of knowledge) of their Guru (Master)!
Remember, without love and surrender for the Sagun (manifest) form of God, attaining Him in Nirguna form is impossible. In a way it is good, till the time these founders of sects were alive, they were against idol worship, after attaining Nirvan (liberation), they must have realized the importance of Sagun Sadhana (spiritual practice with attributes) from up there! Just think for yourself whether propounders of such sects would have really acquired Nirvan ! – Tanuja Thakur

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