This is why PeTA never opposes animal killing on Bakra-Eid, read what happened to the lady who opposed it!

They kill healthy Animals ruthlessly! And ironically, the World knows them as the Care-takers of Animals! They grab this fake image by investing billions of dollars on publicity! In return, they pluck enormous Donations globally! Yes, you guessed it right! They are PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Animal Killers disguised as Saviors! Funnily enough, nowadays they have been in the Social Media glare for their Anti-Hinduism stand against Jallikattu as Cruelty towards Animals.

While they are having a gala time attacking Hindu Cultures and traditions, here is one rarest of rare moment of PETA when they ventured to advise Muslims to refrain from Animal Cruelty. The Muslims gave PETA a crystal clear message to not to poke their nose ever again in Islamic Cultures and traditions!

In 2013, a PETA Volunteer called Benazir Suraiya had appealed to her Muslim kin folks to abstain from Animal Slaughter on Eid-al-Adha. Popularly known as Bakra Eid, the festival involves the Mass slaughter of Cows, Buffaloes, Sheep, Goats, Camels etc in the MOST UNSCIENTIFIC WAY as a part of Sacrifice offered to Allah! The gesture by Benazir Suraiya to stop the barbarous way of Celebration of the Festival was indeed noble!

A few excerpts of Benazir Suraiya’s post on PETA website:

“As a Muslim and a vegan, I celebrate Eid al-Adha, the Festival of Sacrifice, by submitting my ego and my individual will to Allah – that is all that is required by the Qur’an.

Cruelty to animals is discouraged in Islam – and the ways in which cows, sheep, goats and other animals are raised, handled, transported and slaughtered for food are inherently cruel. According to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, those who are kind to every living being will receive an estimable reward.”

Later in Bhopal, Benazir Suraiya made an appeal to Muslims to go vegetarian on Eid at the legendary Taj-ul-Masajid, one of Asia’s largest mosques. Dressed in a green hijab, to highlight the importance of vegetarianism, she walked towards the mosque gates with a couple of PETA volunteers holding a placard in Urdu and English which read: “Make Eid Happy for All. Try Vegan”.

Within no time, local Muslim crowd gathered and started chanting angry slogans against PETA volunteers to vacate the place. With hardly a dozen Police deployed, the crowd became violent and started to abuse the female volunteers physically. While the other volunteers ran away leaving Benazir to fend for herself, Police too failed to protect Benazir from the angry crowd! Benazir was beaten up by her Muslim Kinfolks for daring to teach them Humanity! Later, Police whisked shaken Benazir to some undisclosed location.

BHOPAL, INDIA – SEPTEMBER 22: Police trying to save People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activist from mob after she was attacked while campaigning for vegetarianism ahead of the Bakrid near Taj-ul Masjid on September 22, 2014 in Bhopal, India. (Photo by Mujeeb Faruqui/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

As expected, no arrests were followed after this gruesome unrest against the peaceful appeal of PETA!

PETA has not repeated its act of professing Animal Love to Muslims on Eid-al Adha. If any solace, they have Hindus in India to attack without any fear of Confrontations from them! Hindus have been trained to be tolerant from centuries by Mughals, British and Politicians of Independent India ! Feel free!

source ,Jan 21,2107

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