Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale’s useful perspectives for seekers when they perform spiritual practice

Perspectives seekers must have if there is tension while performing sadhana

  1. The reason for seekers facing tension during efforts to perform sadhana (Spiritual practice) is that they are falling short somewhere. Once they progress spiritually, such tension will not be experienced.
  2. Many times, a seeker is likely to think or act at the psychological or intellectual level. These processes should take place at the spiritual level. In fact, while performing seva (Service unto Absolute Truth), the thought process should be – What more can be learnt from this seva and how can I contribute better through this seva instead of becoming tense.
  3. For getting rid of tension, it is important to make efforts for eliminating personality defects and ego.
  4. If the extent of tension is high & the period of tension  lasts long, take medicines from a psychiatrist to remain enthusiastic.
  5. Since one article about spiritual remedies on the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) website advised chanting the Names of Hindu Deities, a Muslim country banned the web-site. Since this website was the only medium of guidance for seekers in that country, a lady-seeker intensely prayed for 15 days that the website be resumed. On the 15thday, the SSRF website resumed. If such devotion is there for God, will tension ever exist ?
  6. Perspectives seekers must have regarding vyashti sadhana
  7. Importance of vyashti sadhana : Vyashti sadhana (Individual spiritual practice) is the foundation of samashti sadhana (Spiritual practice for the spread of Spirituality), meaning, establishment of the ‘Hindu Nation’ (Sanatan Dharma Rajya). It is because of vyashti sadhana that samashti sadhana becomes effec-tive. Every seeker should spend 2-3 hours daily on vyashti sadhana.
  8. Seekers form an affinity with Saints only because of their vyashti sadhana : The important difference between Sanatan and other religious organisations is – in Sanatan Sanstha, seekers are taught how to perform vyashti sadhana. As a result, many Saints develop an affinity with Sanatan. Many Saints such as Yogatadnya H.H. Dadaji Vaishampayan, H.H. (Dr.) OmUlaganathan are performing Yadnyas (Ritual of sacrificial fires), Japa (Chanting), Anush-thans (A religious performance) etc. for prolonging my life, getting rid of obstacles in Sanatan’s mission and eliminating spiritual distress being faced by Sanatan’s seekers.
  9. From Sanatan’s point of view, ‘Hindu Nation’ is not that important; seekers progressing spiritually is more important : Seekers should not forget that God-realisation is their objective. Do not pay attention only to seva, because as per the times the ‘Hindu Nation’ will certainly materialise. It is important that every seeker progress spiritually by participating in this mission. Seekers should keep in mind that they do not want a rebirth, but need to be selfish to perform sadhana for God-realisation. From Sanatan’s point of view, ‘Hindu Nation’ is not that important; seekers progressing spiritually is more important.
  10. Once a seeker progresses well spiritually, he is able to perform the mission at the level of Chaitanya effectively ! : There are limitations on a seeker in carrying out the mission of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ as an individual. Only 30% mission of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ is in gross dimension, which involves hundreds of topics such as Dharmajagruti Sabha, participation in group discussions on TV channels, publishing ‘Sanatan Prabhat, publishing Holy texts etc. Since a seeker performs sevas connected with only 1-2 topics out of these, these topics have importance of only 1-2% in respect of the entire mission of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’. 70% importance in establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’ goes to the mission performed by Saints at the spiritual level.

Seekers forget this and make 100% efforts to perform seva at the intellectual level instead of making efforts for vyashti sadhana. As a result, they do not progress spiritually.

If seekers were to perform seva as a part of their sadhana, they would progress spiritually.  Once seekers progress well spiritually, they will be able to carry out the mission at the level of Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) effectively. Seekers cannot perform a substantial part of the mission at the intellectual level; however, Saints are performing the great mission at the spiritual level, which is invisible.

  1. Power of the soul increases due to sadhana : Despite suffering severe pains due to kidney stone ailment, a seeker participated in an important, day-long meeting on propagating Spirituality. This proves that the ability to endure pain also increases following an increase in the power of the soul due to sadhana.
  2. Perspectives seekers must have so as to perform sadhana through seva
  3. Put forth a new idea about seva without any expectations : If any new idea about seva comes to the minds of seekers, they should express it. If the idea fructifies, well and good ! However, if the suggestion is not implemented for some reason, some seekers feel dejected. ‘Have no expectations while performing any karma’ – this is one Principle of sadhana. Therefore, if any idea is not implemented, do not insist. Try to understand the reason for non-implementation as a matter of curiosity. In Spirituality, there are three types of behaviour – as per own wish, other’s wish and God’s wish. Seekers should not forget that for the fulfilment of any task, only God’s wish is essential.
  4. Take care of physical distress : Seekers are expected to take timely medical treatment without neglecting physical injuries, diseases etc. because Dharma says that the body is an instrument to serve Dharma.
  5. When we keep performing seva as sadhana with intense yearning, God assists us.
  6. Perspectives seekers must have while performing seva together
  7. Study whether closeness is being developed with the other seekers ! : While performing seva, it is essential to achieve harmony of minds. When everyone comes together to attend a meeting, it should be studied if they have achieved closeness with each other, are their minds in harmony ? In samashti sadhana, harmony of minds of co-seekers is important.
  8. Review each other’s sadhana every day : Seekers who perform seva together are expected to review each other’s sadhana every day. While performing sadhana together, do not limit your thoughts only to seva; seekers should interact with each other at least for 10 minutes every day about vyashti sadhana. While exchanging review of vyashti sadhana, it is expected that discussions are held on how much chanting took place, how many autosuggestion sessions for elimination personality defects and ego were performed, what efforts were made for eliminating personality defects and ego.
  9. Help the seeker who has spiritual distress : If any co-seeker suffers from spiritual distress, assisting him is the responsibility of co-seekers. The psychological and mental ability of the seeker reduces due to spiritual distress. Therefore, co-seekers should assist the seeker who has spiritual distress to ensure that the spiritual remedies of such a seeker are completed. Seekers who have spiritual distress will not get expected benefits by seeking only guidance. They have to perform spiritual remedies for reducing their distress.
  10. Talking freely means assisting each other in sadhana : While performing seva together, seekers think that interactions with each other on planning, seva etc. means speaking freely. In fact, freely means assisting each other in sadhana while performing seva together. In Ramnathi Ashram, Sadguru (Mrs.) Binda Singbal has set the sadhana of seekers in order. Since seekers in the Ashram assist each other in sadhana, they appear blissful. Similarly, seekers who perform seva together should not consider that they have come together only for performing seva. They should benefit from this opportunity to get bliss by assisting each other in sadhana.
  11. Perspectives seekers must have for effective propagation of Spirituality
  12. Utilising subtle Knowledge for samashti seva is essential :  Utilisation of subtle Knowledge is essential for effective propagation of Spirituality. The ability to comprehend the subtle dimension increases only if sadhana is being performed in a good manner.
    H.H. Anna Karandikar (from Pune) used to visit Mumbai every Sunday to diagnose patients. Before a patient would come in front of Him, He used to write about the ailment and treatment to be prescribed for the patient. Thus, He would know everything before the actual diagnosis itself. After carrying out the diagnosis of the patient, the earlier conjecture and information provided by the patient on his ailment would match perfectly with that of H.H. Anna Karandikar’s. He was an authority on Spirituality, He could understand the subtle dimension.
    While contacting devout Hindus, lawyers, industrialists etc., it should be possible to identify in the subtle as to who has interest and yearning in the mission to serve the Nation and Dharma. For example, if seekers were to try to contact them merely going by the nameplates on the houses of lawyers, they would be wasting their time. Instead, if contacting was done by understanding in the subtle whether the lawyers who are active in the society to serve the Society, Nation and Dharma really have yearning to participate in the mission to serve Dharma, the output will increase in a short time.    A lady-seeker visited a newly built residential complex in Vasco (Goa) to talk about a satsang. The members of the first house she visited listened to her about Spirituality with curiosity. While discussion was going on, a pet dog in the house also paid attention calmly sitting near the seeker. Normally, if an unknown person enters a house, the dog starts barking till the visitor leaves. When this seek-er started going to other houses, the dog also accompanied her.

The dog halted at the fourth house after ignoring 2 adjacent houses.  No one in these two houses was found to be interested in Spirituality. However, family members in the house where the dog waited were spiritually curious. In a similar manner, family members in four houses where the dog halted were found to be curious about sadhana (Spiritual practice). If a dog could comprehend the subtle dimension, seekers should also be able to do so.

  1. It is necessary to connect new spiritually curious at the level of sadhana : Adv. Ramdas Kesarkar personally contacts lawyers by visiting various States. He enlightens them about sadhana and keeps them connected with Sanatan Sanstha. While connecting them as lawyers, it becomes difficult to get some output due to their ego about the offices and posts the lawyers are enjoying. However, while connecting lawyers by enlightening them about sadhana, the question of offices and posts does not arise, and they get connected with the mission to serve Dharma. Seekers should also connect patriots and devout Hindus on the basis of sadhana instead of doing so at the intellectual level.
  2. Numerical strength is important in the adverse times ! : In the present times, priority should be given to increasing the numerical strength. Without numerical strength, energy would be wasted in struggling to protect Dharma. To increase numerical strength, we should cover areas all over Bharat. Seekers should concentrate on increasing the numerical strength instead of concentrating on minor actions to protect Dharma while spreading Spirituality. – Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale
    Source : English Masik Sanatan Prabhat

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