Nigeria: Man stoned to death, set ablaze in front of police by radical Islamist mob on charges of blasphemy

April 4, 2021

On Tuesday (March 30) morning, a water vendor was stoned to death and set ablaze by an Islamist mob in Sade village in the Bauchi State of Nigeria. The incident took place in the backdrop of accusations that the victim had allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad.

As per reports, the deceased has been identified as Talle Mai Ruwa. He was a Muslim by faith and was ‘mentally disturbed.’ On March 29, a woman went to fetch water from Ruwa, where he worked as a water vendor. In his absence, she filled her bucket with water without his consent. When the victim reached the spot, an infuriated Ruwa kicked the woman’s bucket and spilt the water. Reportedly, she pleaded with him to allow her to fetch water but he did not budge.

Punching reported that the man then proceeded to insult the woman, her father and her mother. When she pleaded in the name of Prophet Muhammad, Ruwa allegedly hurled abuses at the Islamic figure. On learning about the incident of ‘blasphemy,’ he was taken to the police station by the locals. Later, the Islamic clerics (also referred to as religious leaders) met the victim and inquired whether he had insulted the Prophet.

Victim confessed to insulting Prophet Muhammad

Reportedly, he confessed to the spiritual leaders that he has insulted Prophet Muhammad. He was then taken back to the police station. Vanguard   reported, “The next morning, the news spread around town and everyone in the village was more agitated. Later, a group of angry youths stormed the police station, overpowered the police officers there and grabbed Talle to the front of the police station where he was beaten to death and his dead body was burnt.”

Islamist mob sets man ablaze amidst chants of Allahu Akbar

On Tuesday morning, the whole town gathered at one place and then ambushed the police station. At that time, Ruwa was in his prison cell. The cops were highly outnumbered by the Islamist mob, who then took the matter into their own hands. The victim was first escorted out of his prison cell and pelted with stones. While unleashing violence, the Islamist mob continued to raise the slogan of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ The stoning continued until Ruwa lay motionless. The mob then doused his body with petrol and car tyres and set him on fire in front of his elderly mother.

Source : Opindia

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