Marak (destructive) form of the God


Even the Marak (destructive) form of the God is a Bhakatvatsal (affectionate form for the devotee) form. Those rowdy children of His, who do not obey Dharma, Niti (morality and ethics) and Nyay (law and justice), cause problems for the common people and devotees through their evil acts, and when the evil acts of such evil persons create an outcry everywhere, then God punishes them in a manner that befits them, just like a mother punishes an errant child who treads the wrong path. It is just that God’s system of meting out punishment is so incredible that when He punishes an evil person, all the evil ones derive a lesson out of it. God is so merciful that when He punishes an evildoer, it results in his well-being and in the process of meting out the punishment, He grants Sadgati to that being. Hence God is adorable. -Tanuja Thakur

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