Main hurdle in establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’

Hindus who have not understood the importance of Hindu Dharma
Muslims and Christians know the importance of Islam and Christianity respectively. Hence, for hundreds of years they have been tirelessly trying to Islamise and evangilise the whole world. Conversely, Hindus who consider themselves to be smart, westernised, rationalist and who call themselves reformers, have neither studied Hindu Dharma nor have they performed any spiritual practice. As a result, they do not understand the importance of Hindu Dharma. It is a fact that individuals from any part of the world, who have yearning for God-realisation, visit no other country but Bharat for guidance. The self-proclaimed reformists (who are traitors to Hindu Dharma) prove that ‘It is always dark under a lamp’; they are the main hurdles in establishment of the ‘Hindu Nation’. Paratpar Guru  Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale (8.11.2011)


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