Krushna the ideal personality

The ideal son : Krushna behaved in a way which pleased both His parents
Vasudev and Devaki and His guardians Nanda and Yashoda.
The ideal brother : Krushna would respect His elder brother, Balaram.
The ideal husband : When it is so difficult to please just one wife, Krushna could please 16,008 wives! Narad’s attempts to create strife between them failed.
The ideal father : Because His sons behaved unrighteously, He Himself slew them during the battle of the Yadus.
The ideal friend : Krushna affectionately welcomed His poverty-stricken childhood friend Sudama even when He became the ruler of Dvarka. Due to His friendship with the Pandavs, He constantly rushed to their aid. The Pandavs worshipped Krushna as a friend (sakhyabhakti).
–  Paratpar Guru   His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

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