Inappropriate acts even under peer pressure incur sins

The politicians in power due to their heightened ego, do anti-national activities and anti-Dharma deeds by compelling the entire administrative system, meaning, government servants, officers and police to act against all the segments. Thus, injustice is perpetrated upon the society, as a result of which, excessive loss is caused to the nation and Dharma. Many times, even if government employees, officers and police do not feel like indulging in anti-national and anti-Dharma acts, they concede, due to peer pressure from the politicians in power. In such incidents, one should not think that the government employees, officers and police do not commit the sin. On the other hand, retaining the devilish attitude of politicians and becoming partners in their sins, they too become partners in sins. Thus along with worldly defamation, spiritual degradation too, takes place.To prevent this decline, they should be upright and say that they will not indulge in inappropriate acts, no matter if they are transferred or not promoted. This uprightness will inspire their colleagues to refrain from incurring sins, and the rulers will be discouraged. By not taking wrong action against someone who is righteous, or against the society, the Nation and Dharma while discharging their duty, they are performing spiritual practice as per Karmayoga (Path of Action). Besides, they will get peace of mind and God’s blessings.
–  Paratpar Guru   His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale

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