The grace of a Guru who has renounced his body

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Question :

Is it possible for a person to receive the grace of a Guru who has renounced his body?


The guru is not a gross body but basically a principle hence even if the saint renounces the body , he is able to guide his disciple . Hence it is told saints never die they just do deh tyag (leave thier gross body .)
The disciple should have two attributes for spiritual guidance at sublte plane by the master – first being the spiritual level of the disciple should be above 60% and second is he or she should possess spiritual emotion for that saint or guru . The gurus of the highest order (the paratpar guru above 90% level ) can guide thousands even after leaving their bodies , e.g. Shirdi Sai baba, Swami Ramkrushna Paramhansa, Saint Bhaktaraj Maharaj, Shri Ramana Maharshi etc. of India have the capacity to guide thousands of seekers even renouncing their bodies.
One important thing that should be kept in mind is that to receive the guidance of saints subtly one need to be at minimum 60% level which is nearly a saintly level, as a layman in kaliyug (present time) is at 20% level and most of the seeker at 35% to 50 % level there are chances of their getting misguided by the sorcerers ( the powerful negative energies from nether world ) and hence either once should abide by the teachings of one’s master(guru) after he leaves His body or seek the guidance of some other saint for spiritual guidance . The best example of a disciple learning something from the guru principle is Eklavaya, he learnt archery from the guru’s statue and the guru being totally unaware of it. But he had immense amount of bhav for his guru hence when the guru asked him to cut his right thumb as a a part of his guru dakshina , he offered it immediately . Not to mention Eklavya was at 60 % spiritual level and the guru Drona asked this kind of dakshina to prevent his disciple from the sin of guru avadyna (disobedience of guru’s directives). The disciple faces the worst hell if he does not follow the guru directives . I would like to mention here that few ignorant people say that since Eklavya was not born in a higher class hence guru Drona did so , but a guru never discriminates his disciple on any grounds and guru Dronaacharya was also a guru who would never do such a sin !

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