Continuous Naamjap (chanting) infuses divine grace.

Continuous Naamjap (chanting) infuses divine grace. A devotee is one, who is not disconnected for a second from Divine Principle. Every act of such a devotee becomes a Yadnya Karma (a sacrificial act) and benefit accrues from it. Even after being worldly, through the medium of Naamsankirtanyog (path of chanting God’s name), we can attain integration in Sadhana. I will cite another instance through the medium of an inspirational story:
An old lady used to live in a village. She had no relatives and she used to make a living by selling dried cow dung cakes. The old lady was a devotee of God Krushna, used to chant His name along with her daily chores, even while preparing cow dung cakes. Some wicked people would make fun of her devotion and one day, stole all the cow dung cakes of the old lady at night and said to themselves, “Let us see, how God Krushna helps her now!” When the old lady got up in the morning, she noticed that all her cow dung cakes had been stolen by someone. She started laughing and talking to herself, telling her Kanna, “Earlier, you used to smash the Matkis (pitchers) and steal butter to trouble Gopis (milkmaids). Now you have started stealing all the cow dung cakes of this old lady to trouble me. No problems, as you please”!!! Saying so, she started making cow dung cakes for the next day. As noon approached, she started feeling hungry, but there was nothing to eat in the house. There were two pieces of jaggery. She ate one of them and after sipping some water, lied down to take rest. God is Bhakta Vatsal (affectionate towards the devotees). He gets moved upon seeing the plight of his devotees. He could not bear the plight of His devotee. He thought that before helping her out, let me put her through one final test. Hence, He took the guise of a saffron robed celibate and reached her house and demanded something to eat. The old lady was happy to receive a saint in her house; but she also felt sad that she had nothing in the house that she could offer Him to eat. She offered the last piece of jaggery, along with cold water to the Baba. God Krushna, dressed up as a saint, felt very happy to see the sacrifice of the lady and when the old lady narrated the entire account, the saint, after giving her an assurance of every possible help, went away and reached the house of the Sarpanch (village headman). He told the Sarpanch, “One hears that the old lady who lives on the outskirts of the village, has had all the dried cow dung cakes that she had made, stolen from her house. I have a Siddhi (supernatural power). If all the people of the village bring their cow dung cakes, with the help of the Siddhi that I possess, I will separate the old lady’s cow dung cakes from the rest.” The Sarpanch was a kind and righteous person. He too was feeling sad over the theft of the lady’s cow dung cakes. He immediately agreed to what Krushna (dressed up as a saint) told him to do and he got a public announcement done; that all the people of the village should come immediately with their cow dung cakes and deposit them at the Chaupal (central meeting point of the village). The wicked people who had stolen the cakes, mixed up the cow dung cakes they had stolen from the old lady’s house with the other cow dung cakes. They felt that since everyone’s cow dung cakes look the same, the Baba would not be able to identify the lady’s cow dung cakes.
The wicked ones do not believe the Lila (divine game) and might of the Almighty. Krushna disguised as saint, putting his ear to all the cow dung cakes, separated the old lady’s cow dung cakes from the rest. The old lady immediately recognised her cow dung cakes and her joy knew no bounds. Picking up her cow dung cakes, greeting Baba, the old lady went away. The wicked people who had stolen the lady’s cow dung cakes failed to understand how Baba recognised the cow dung cakes by putting his ear to them. Hence, when Baba was at some distance away from the village, the wicked people began walking behind Him to find out how . When they reached a lonely spot, they expressed their doubt.

Baba said calmly that the old lady used to do Naamjap of God’s name continuously and her chanting was so full of yearning that it also found its way into the cow dung cakes. Putting His ear to the cow dung cakes, He was trying to listen, as to which of the cow dung cakes emitted the name of Krushna and he separated those from the rest.”
Such is the effect of Naamjap. Hence, in every act of our behaviour, we must do Naamjap. It results in God’s grace raining down on us constantly.

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