Indian Hyderabad going the Pakistani Hyderabad way

English May 26th, 2012

In an University located in the Indian city of Hyderabad, a beef festival was organised. The police, instead of taking action against the sinners, instead chose to book the ones who opposed this hateful act. The first reaction of anyone reading this article would be that this must be Pakistan’s Hyderabad where the non-Muslims have no rights or respect and the Muslim community leaves no stone unturned in demeaning them. The Muslim community regularly vandalise the temples, cows are beheaded in broad daylight, where kidnapping of Hindu girls is the order of the day and anti-Hindu speeches are made without impunity everyday. But, if any Hindu tries to speak out against the treatment meted out to him, then he is silenced. Either the fundamentalists kill them or in the name of infidelity, he is handed out a death sentence. Even in the international fora, no one raises his voice against this atrocity.

Today, even in Indian Hyderabad, the same kind of situation is being created. The Muslim fundamentalists are trying to do the same kind of things in India that is possible only in Pakistan. Unfortunately, the secular parties of the country, instead of putting an end to this situation, have been playing in the hands of the Muslim fundamentalists. If a handful of Hindus do raise their voice against this, the authorities instead of taking action against the Muslims, end up punishing the Hindus themselves, by implicating them in false cases. As a rule, the Human Rights Organisation of the country suddenly get crippled, the so-called intellectuals become voiceless and the torch-bearers of the national media go into deep hibernation. In fact, in Hyderabad, the Hindus have been second-class citizens since the days of the Nizam. It was believed that after independence, all the citizens of the country would get treatment in this secular country. But, despite the change in government, the situation vis-a-vis the treatment meted out to Hindus in Hyderabad did not change. In the past, it was being trampled in the name of Islam, now they are being crushed in the name of secularism. Earlier, cow-slaughter used to take place in the open, even now the ones who oppose this are culprits in under the law. To show their strength off, they used to attack the Hindu temples, even now the same thing is resorted to, whereas the authorities always turn a blind eye to it. If the Muslim is wronged anywhere in the world, the Hindus of Hyderabad are the first to bear the brunt of the same.

Be it the Shia-Sunni problem in Mecca, or the Hazrat Bal dispute, the hanging of Bhutto, or the plane crash of Gen. Ayub, the American attack against Osama in Afghanistan, or Osama’s killing in Pakistan, the hanging case of Afzal Guru, the ban on SIMI, the penning down of Satanic Verses by Rushdie or the writing of Lajja by Taslima Nasreen, the glorious day of 1992, when the Babri Masjid was pulled down, the dastardly killing of 59 Hindus in Godhra and the retaliation of the Hindu community after that, after all these, first of all the Hindu temples of Hyderabad are vandalised and their shops are burnt down and their women are raped. Perhaps the Muslims of Hyderabad equate the Hindus with the street dogs on whom the street urchins pelt stones at will. But even after 1947, the perpetrators of these crimes have never been brought to book, what is worse, they have actually been provided political patronage.

This is why Hyderabad today has become the sanctuary of international terrorists. All terrorists of the country find a safe haven in Hyderabad. The state police has been providing these terrorists with protection and if another state police lands to catch these terrorists, then the Muslims of Hyderabad act as a shield for the police and saves them. Godhra conspirators, parliament attack perpetrators, surat bomb blasts accused, Pune Bomb blast accused, all live in peace and respectfully. That is why Hyderabad is also known as mini-Pakistan.

In the near past, a prayer was going on in the Bhagya Lakshmi temple. The offering of Namaz too coincided with prayer. After the maulvi threatened, the local police stopped the chiming the temple bells by holding it. To oppose this, the Hindus of the city arrived on the scen the next day and expressed their protest by ringing the bells for hours on end. When it was the turn of the Raam Navami Shobha Yatra to be led, the Muslim MP and MLA opposed it tooth and nail because of which the local authorities did not allow the yatra to happen. The Hindu community took this as a challenge and lakhs of Hindu took part in this holy procession. Later, when the hanuman procession too faced the same challenge, the Hindus took up the challenge in the same way and ended up on the winning side. It seems now that the Hindus are tired of the treatment meted out to them in this country and it wants to put an end to this anti-Hindu and anti-national ways of the Muslims. It seems that the Muslims could not digest the retaliation of the Hindus and that is why they beheaded a cow and had the temerity to throw the head at the doorstep of a temple. When some youth of the locality tried to protest against this, they were very brutally attacked and maimed. These were the same people who had killed Haren Pandya, however the administration has not yet been able to catch hold of them. After this, they had the temerity to organise a ‘beef festival’ in Osmania University. There were big protests against this, but even here, the culprits are moving around freely and no arrests have been made, what is worse, the ones who protested against this hateful act, are the ones who are being victimised. The people of Osmania University never once thought about the respect of this city because this city has now become the hotbed of Arab salacity. These people never think about observing ‘anti-terrorism’ or ‘anti-Bangladeshi day’. Perhaps these people think that their salvation lies in carrying out anti-India and anti-Hindu activities. But now the Hindus of Hyderabad have taken up the cudgels to restore the lost glory of the city of ‘Bhagyanagar’ back too Hyderabad by democratic means, they will not allow their Hyderabad to degenerate into the Hyderabad of Pakistan.

Source: Dr. Surendra Jain’s blog.

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