Have Hindus already been defeated? – by Dr.Gautam Sen

A number of pathetic truisms have effectively paralysed Hindus psychologically and politically. The first is the mindlessly repeated cliché that they comprise 80 per cent of India’s population, which means precisely nothing because Hindus have never managed to act collectively as a political community.

On the contrary, more than a good half of India’s nominal Hindu population, the OBCs and so-called dalits of its Hindi heartland, has been absorbed into political Islam. Indeed they compete with shocking alacrity to do the bidding of grotesque Wahhabi clerics and do not hesitate to unleash state violence against Hindus when instructed to do so. The supposed atheists of India, from West Bengal and Kerala to Tamil Nadu and India’s evangelical heartland that is Andhra Pradesh, also collaborate enthusiastically with Christist, white imperialists in addition to political Islam.

The second truism, of recent provenance, suggests that projected Indian economic growth and successes in producing defence equipment, from missiles to nuclear warheads, mean that Indians are somehow on the threshold of greatness. All of this is laughable and unfolding recent events highlight how fragile is the boast of economic triumph, so easily derailed the moment massive plunder and waste exceed revenues governments can extract from hapless Hindu taxpayers.

On the issue of defence preparedness, the only sphere in which India is a genuine world leader is the scale of its imports of military hardware that it cannot produce itself. Growing imports after six odd decades of endeavour to indigenise merely underline failure to achieve stated goals. And the serviceability of imported defence hardware for required purposes is increasingly doubtful since bribery apparently plays a major role in determining what is purchased. In addition, the ability of India to fight a prolonged war, without foreign assistance, is uncertain, as the brief Kargil encounter exposed.

The third supposed truism, which fills the average, uncomprehending Hindu with a warm glow of mindless self-satisfaction, is the ascription of an inherently tolerant character to their faith. It is merely an excuse for cowardice and failure to resist wrong doing and of the most egregious kind, which is violence against their own womenfolk. There is no justification in Hindu scriptures for tolerating the intolerable. On the contrary, they enjoin violent resistance, even if it means the loss of close relatives and revered teachers. The Pandavas fought a bitter war of annihilation to uphold righteousness and the divine revealed himself to affirm their Dharmic duty to do so. The ruling ideology of modern Hinduism is the brilliant subterfuge implanted by British colonial rulers through their chosen medium, the so-called Mahatma. He was thought eminently suitable for ending the increasingly violent resistance to British rule in the early twentieth century Bengal because of his self-regarding antics in South Africa, in support of British interests. And not only did the British colonial authority manage to discreetly promote the Mahatma to the pinnacle of the nationalist movement, they also reinforced the pervasive Hindu penchant for cowardly indifference and retreat in the face of superior physical force.

A reigning Indian propensity, a counterpoint to Hindu cowardice, is wilful blindness to the darkness enveloping their country and overtaking their faith. There is an unspoken seeming conviction that the danger to them and India will only arise in the shape, if it ever does, of a full scale frontal military assault by its enemies. That seems highly unlikely because India’s adversaries have found an infinitely less troublesome way of seizing India and finishing off Hindus and Hinduism once-and-for-all. The advance by stealth, subverting India by manipulating its electoral politics is now well advanced and accelerating because success in seizing its executive governance has proved extraordinarily easy. And it has prompted greater determination to consolidate the on-going usurpation of the Indian State apparatus and advance even more rapidly. India is being lost bit by bit, with Hindus being expelled from border regions and whole areas of cities beyond official administrative access, even for undertaking a proper census. An entire swatch of States, across the Indian heartland as well as its border regions, has succumbed to political Islam and Christian imperial stratagems. These areas are now governed by a political class that is only nominally Hindu and daily engaged in acts of sedition. Instead of honour and fidelity to the faith of their tormented ancestors, they are surrendering their country in exchange for transient political power and material wealth.
The sacred Constitutional compact that Indians had reached between themselves in 1949 has now been broken completely, its gradual erosion followed by near-total abandonment. Supreme political authority in India has been transferred to a foreign national with extra-territorial loyalties, and to advisers who are routinely conspiring with the Pakistani ISI and Vatican criminal operatives. The anointed, quasi monarchical successor to supreme executive authority in India has declared privately that his most urgent task will be to combat alleged Hindu terror. He proposes, in effect, to wage war against India’s Hindus by fabricating canards, already a phenomenon in recent years. Furthermore, collusion of Indian officialdom with foreign infiltrators, allowing them to settle in India, granting them citizenship rights in the form of identity papers, ration cards and the right to vote has utterly destroyed the Indian Constitution. The Hindus of India have no obligation to defer to its operational principles when they interact with State authorities. Their right to govern is now made possible by disregarding India’s very Constitution, since they are voted into power by foreigners in many areas of the country. Elsewhere in the world, restoration of the sanctity of a Constitution is accomplished by insurrection and forceful erasure of its violators.
Hindus accepted political partition as a brutal, unavoidable reality, but India’s new rulers allowed its consequences to spell disaster for India. Instead of enabling a significant number of Muslims to leave for the homeland of Pakistan they had voted to create, especially from UP, they moved heaven and earth to prevent their migration. This extraordinary self-indulgence was intended to advertise their liberal credentials and assuage their own arrogant self-regard at the expense of Hindus. Its neo-Muslim first prime minister, with absurd pretensions to an Anglo persona as well, decided that the best course of action would be to reassure Muslims by allowing them to consolidate politically and curb all Hindu aspirations. All his successors have followed suit, whatever their proclaimed outward political affiliations. Keeping Muslims in good humour has been the earnest desire of all Indian governments since independence. Hindu voters acquiesced because no alternatives were available and all Hindu organisations have been complicit in this incomprehensible political project that would inevitably lead to the effective extinction of Hinduism and India.

In the dismal Indian political scenario, Kashmir was ethnically cleansed of Hindus and instead of unleashing the full might of the Indian State to combat it Indian politicians engaged in every form of chicanery to legitimise the outcome. State governments of West Bengal, motivated by crass Bengali parochialism and pique, masquerading as a Leftist urge for uplifting poor Muslim agriculturalists, sought to turn West Bengal into an Islamic enclave and succeeded. The fate of UP, under the outright criminal dispensations of its most prominent political parties, is no better, with shamelessly greedy and semi-literate, nominally Hindu politicians, unabashedly complicit in Jihadi terror. Leaders of one political party even ensured safe passage for terrorist bombers, en route to Delhi through UP to plant bombs that eventually killed Hindus in 2005. In the decades after independence, Nagaland and Mizoram were sacrificed by Jawaharlal Nehru to white Christian imperialists. Subsequently, the entire south of India has become Christianised and/or Islamised in all but name. The atheism espoused by its execrable politicians is a mere church-inspired ploy to keep Hindus at bay until an appropriate moment arrives to reveal their militant Christian loyalties. The examples of the armed uprising of Nagaland and Mizoram will then be repeated, with demands for autonomy and the cessation of Brahminnical oppression.

Politically disempowered Hindus have become preoccupied with empty ritual because their faith does not enjoy the protection of the State power that alone would guarantee its security and integrity. Without the proverbial oversight of the Right arm of State political power and military capability, the Hindu faithful have descended into the absurd, serially appeasing Islamic truculence for inconsequential gains and interfaith dialogue with mendacious Christian assassins, ruthlessly uprooting Hinduism in its own homeland. Hindu scriptures have been largely turned on their head by a new type of businessman guru, with no awareness that political security and personal wellbeing are a prerequisite for spiritual upliftment, as Swami Vivekananda had acerbically observed. These Hindu gurus, some from the most sacred maths of Indic history, have evidently swallowed Mahatma’s half-wit injunction to meekly accept all crimes against Hindus and their society. His notorious advice to Noakhali’s rape victims in 1946 was to commit suicide rather than resist. The new frequent flyer Hindu guru has also developed a taste for being serenaded by wealthy foreign clients and demonstrates a less than godly sense of entitlement through first class air travel to keep them company abroad. And of course they have been overawed by a sprinkling of white adherents, apparently bemused by patter on renunciation and the divine!
In the meantime, the Hindu faithful have been abandoned to their unenviable fate, wallowing in IPL and Bollywood while their country is seized with alarming rapidity. They do not know that the lascivious dance routines epitomizing Bollywood films, they find so alluring, originated in the nightly humiliation of captured Hindu princesses compelled to gyrate publicly before sequential rape by their captors. This is the destination to which Hindus are headed and recent acts of Muslim criminality in West Bengal, in the heart of their capital city, are a cautionary tale. A Hindu woman was raped by Muslim thugs in the middle of Kolkata’s premier entertainment district, only to be denounced as a slanderous liar by the Chief Minister of Bengal, ever the defender of Muslim criminality, when she complained to the police. The senior woman police officer who subsequently confirmed that the young woman had indeed been raped was unceremoniously removed from her post. Virtually on cue, a Muslim mob sexually assaulted a young woman, virtually in the same location a few weeks later, because she had witnessed the crime and was prepared to give evidence. This woman Chief Minister happens to be Hindu and a Brahmin.
(The writer is president of World Association of Hindu Academicians).

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