Guru’s strange ways of teaching

On 17th July 2001, I was travelling in a bus and reading a newspaper, there, I saw a celebrity’s photograph in it , a question arose in my mind , whose merits (punya) are more, a seeker like me or a celebrity of international standard like her . In the evening a friend of mine called up and asked for the holy text ‘ Yoga vashisht’ which she had given me a few days ago. I had been a voracious reader since chlidhood , but after reading my guru’s writings , the quest for knowledge at word level  decreased and the earnestness to experience the shabdateet dnyan (beyond words experience) increased .
I had not gone through a single page of the holy text, my friend had given . I thought before returning the book I must read a page atleast , I opened a page from the middle of the text and Behold , I found God Shreeram asking a similar question to Guru vashisht , I got my answer where Guru Vashisht clearly mentioned that the merits of a seeker is far more than a non seeker enjoying name, fame and glory. I loved my sadguru’s ways of indirect teachings ! -Tanuja Thakur

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