Four days with Pujyaneeya Tanuja Didi in Aligarh


Dhiraj Chauhan (Active Seekers of Upasana)
Four days with Pujyaneeya Tanuja Didi in Aligarh, Uttarpradesh, India.

Two days Pravachan Pujya Tanuja Didi was held on 27 & 28th November-2012. It was a grand success not in term of presence but very good quality people were also present in these two days……!!

Full Day workshop with Pujya Didi for Active Seekers on 29th November,2012.

Total 15 seekers were present in that workshop. It was a great experience of Life when we came to know the experiences of Didi during her Sadhana. Healing session was really amazinggggggg… I heard about the shaktipaat when Swami Ramkrishna Paramhans did shaktipat to Swami Vivekanad. During the healing/ Shaktipat session, when Didi touched my Agyna Chakra, I felt the flow of energy coming into me, i felt that sombody was pulling me up… I felt very light & full of energy inside me… I didnt want to come out from that stage/feeling. I know that it was just small/glimpse feeling of energy from Didi,because i dont have capability to bare that energy… I also know that shaktipaat pane ke liye Vivekanad jee jaisee patrata chahiya aur mein to thahra ek sadharan sa manushya… Ishwar se vinanti hai ki mujhe aisee patrata de.
Altogether it was really an amazing,wonderful & happy experience not only from my side but other Seekers/sadhak were aslo feeling the same. I pray Didi to arrange such full days workshops frequently for our rapid spritual upliftment. we all are really grateful to Pujya didi for guiding us & giving us her very precious time.

with Profound Regards
Dhiraj & Juhee Chauhan
Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh (India)

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