The Path of guru’s grace, the confluence of many paths

guru charan

The best and the most spectacular path in Kaliyug (the age of Kali) to make faster spiritual progress is Gurukrupayog, or the path of attaining Guru’s grace. Why is spiritual progress fastest through this path? For, it is in this Yogmarg (pathway to achieve liberation) that the paths of other Yogmarg are included. For instance, those who do spiritual practice according to Gurukrupayog are veritable and sincere Karmyogi in the true sense. They devote their sense of doer-ship to the Guru and remain immersed in seamless work with selflessness. So much so, that even after attaining the status of a saint, the seamlessness of their actions continues. Similarly, those doing spiritual practice through this Yogmarg are Hathyogi too. A Guru’s task is to dissolve the mind, intellect and ego. Hence, the Guru commands so many things to his disciples some of which may even go against the wishes of the disciple’s thinking, yet the disciple obeys him. Going against the mind is genuine Hathyog.
A seeker on this path keeps his/her attention focused at the feet of the Guru, just as Arjun kept his attention trained on the eye of the bird. A disciple whose practice is according to the principle of Dhyaan Mulam Guror Murti (meaning the guru’s gross form is the focus of meditation) completes the spiritual practice spontaneously. On this path, an unending stream of knowledge emanates from the Shri Guru and by dipping into it, a disciple gets immersed in the ocean of knowledge. Thus, the Dnyanyog too is contained in this path.-Tanuja Thakur.

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