Divine experience to seekers

I have experienced it many a times that when we sing hymns or arti, bhajan in praises for saints or deities of the highest order, the deities, the siddhas, the saints visit the place subtly. I am really grateful to the Almighty because this Mahashivratri, the seekers of Upasana could hear the voices of the divine beings who were not present at the gross level, chanting Bhagwan Shiv’s panchakshari mantra in our sevakendra in Delhi. I always insist that morning and evening aarti should be done at the scheduled time as the deities, saints, evolved beings and siddhas reach the place before the scheduled time and we should not keep them waiting. Now since the seekers have got the spiritual experience, they would believe my words. Gratitude to Shiva for giving this divine experience to the seekers who were chanting the mantra on a collective basis in marak form. Really without divine interference, grace , support and spiritual experience, it would have been so difficult to teach the subtle science of spirituality. My earnest prayer to the Divine to keep enlightening the seekers in future too . Om namah Shivay –Tanuja Thakur (3.3.2014)

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