Delhi witnessed a surge in crime against women with rape cases growing by 158 per cent this year !!

Have a look at the statistics of the recorded crime in Delhi on women !! This is happening in the country where the women is worshipped in the form of deity !!  When Dharma is not taught and imbibed in childhood all kinds of so education fails to make a person behave like a cultured human  being and he behaves even worse than a beast !! Only Dharma and abiding its tenet in daily life can make a human being, divine !

Delhi has witnessed a more than two-fold rise in rape cases this year with police saying that in 97 per cent of the cases, the victims knew the accused, majority of whom were “friends and lovers” or neighbours.

According to figures, the city reported 463 rape cases till April 15 this year as against 179 during the same period last year.

Of the 463 cases, police statistics said 178 accused were “friends and lovers” followed by neighbours in 115 of the cases.

The city has witnessed a surge in crime against women with rape cases growing by 158 per cent this year while molestation incidents witnessed a six times growth and eve-teasing cases rose by eight times.

A total of 973 molestation cases were reported this year, as compared to 139 last year, while eve-teasing cases increased from 49 to 433.

85 per cent of rape cases this year have been worked out while the figures for molestation and eve-teasing are 86 and 95.8 per cent, a police official said.

The break up of other accused in rape cases are — 15 employers or co-workers, 12 family members, 10 fathers and two step fathers, nine husbands and ex-husbands, nine brothers-in- law and two fathers-in-law, eight landGods and three tenants, five cousins, three teachers, two doctors and a tantrik.

3,450 missing children still untraced in Delhi

Close to 3,450 children who went missing in Delhi in the past over three years are yet to be traced and girls accounted for 55 per cent of them.

The capital witnessed the missing of 17,252 children, including 8,724 girls, between January 2010 and April 15 this year out of whom 13,863 were traced. Of them, 6,941 were girls.

According to Delhi Police statistics, police are yet to trace 3,439 children and girls account for 1,893 while the number of boys are 229.

Till April 15 this year, 1,766 children, including 1,020 girls, went missing in the capital but police have failed to trace as many as 609 minors, including 380 girls.

A total of 1,157 children were rescued, out of whom 640 were girls.

Last year, a total of 5,284 children, including 2,682 girls, went missing from the capital out of whom 4,108 were traced. However, among the 1,176 who were yet to be traced, 667 were girls.


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