Why crime has no religion when sufferers and victims are Hindus?

There is no Religion in Violence. When you take a life in such a manner you are a killer, not a Muslim, not a Hindu or a Minority sect or some protected species. When a molester molests, a rapist or a murderer commits a crime that person doesn’t have any religion-not a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Christian or a Brahmin etc. It’s just a Pedophile and a threat and a danger to children who should be taken off the roads. Is India regressing in the application of the Law? Unless hate crimes are which are directly linked to religious persecution or caste wars and judged as such, there should be no direct implications of direct or indirect implications o0f the victims or the perpetrator’s religious beliefs or his or her bloodiness in the aftermath of the act. What I believe very firmly a crime is a crime -A murder in cold blood by Knife, gun, or stone pelting, hands rape, one group hitting the other or any other instrument is only the murder in the first degree.

Now let me take you all to the Eastern part of India which is very recent one but not reported at all by Media, it’s not that being a Hindu I am discussing this, but Let me give you a clear picture of this incident—

What is the truth behind the recent Dhulagarh riots? Why Can’t Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee curb these atrocities?

I ask a simple question to everyone to ponder upon is that of late Why are Bengali Hindus continuously tortured by Muslims? Now Why can’t great Pseudo Secular the so-called Guardians of Secularism can’t condemn this dastardly Act of third order. Request the Bengali Hindus to raise their voices against these continuous atrocities. I don’t want to see Bengal like other Kashmir, Is Bengal becoming a graveyard for Hindus? Request the readers of all communities to give a thought over these issues too.

DHULAGARH RIOTS—because When Hindus are Killed, Riots aren’t Riots

Amidst the chaotic Situation on Demonetization, the situation worsens in the riot torn West Bengal turned worse, when post the celebrations of Id-e-Milad-Ul Nabi, scores of Salafi anarchists and terrorists, went on a rampage in Dhulagarh or Dhuligora, a town barely 18Km, away from the Howrah region of Kolkata, destroying untold households of native Bengalis, especially Hindus maiming them, expelling them from their own homes, almost on the lines one witnessed in the dastardly Act of Kashmir of the 1990s, when scores of Kashmiri Minorities, especially the Kashmiri Pundits and the Sikhs, were forced to leave their homeland. The reason of me citing the above incident is that the band of arsonists and Anti-social elements, mostly from the Salafi Islamic cult, joined the possession for Id-e-Milad-UI-Nabi, disguised as passers-by, and soon enough, they went on a rampage, bombing at random households, robbing the remaining of their property. What’s worse was that despite several frantic calls from the Dhulagarh town, which is not very far from Kolkata, no help, whether defensive or Administrative of any sorts for Locals.

Why no Help allotted to the riot torn district of Dhulagarh? I hope this is not mine nor your imagination. I personally feel that Malda is emerging as another Kashmir in Making.

Nobody like Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Akhilesh Yadav, Mayawati, etc who speak very openly about other issues on Dalits, poor farmers, villager’s development & their Up-liftment, I wonder why these voices never spoke on Dhulagarh Victims, where was Aamir Khan who comes openly on intolerance & vows to leave the country for the sake of his wife, was not openly condemning it rather not even a single word of mention, why? This is quite Appalling that nobody absolutely nobody save the nationalists, is caring a straw about the same, despite a majority of victims being Hindus from backward castes and tribes, especially from Dalits, people like Kejriwal, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, would leave no stone unturned to criticize the Central Government. I ask them please come out and criticize openly, why selective in approach, In Rohith Vemulla and the OROP suicide case, or is it because the state is in question is ruled by one of their own breed, i.e., Pseudo-Seculars?

Why Mamata Banerjee is even ready to shake hands with the devil? I think one phrase ‘Vinaash Kaale, Vipreet Budhee’ (the mind goes bonkers when the hard times come up.

Another Heinous Act— Mamta’s WB Police attacked on Innocent unarmed Hindu students with Guns for protesting to celebrate Saraswati Puja in their School. The Sorry state of Affairs for Hindus in West Bengal is rising to pathetic level under the draconian rule of Chief Minister. School students were peacefully protesting the closure of schools on the occasion of Saraswati puja who were Lathi charged by the police. Many students were badly injured.

The Saraswati Puja is very significant one for all Bengali Hindus. On this day, Goddess Saraswati is worshiped by the students and teachers alike. The usual program is that the School children dressed in their best attires comes to School on this occasion.

Why under Mamat’s Bengal Saraswati Puja is under threat because of Appeasement policies which help the radical Islamists more than the Muslims in genuine need of help. This incident happened in Uluberia where students of the Tehatta high school were prevented from holding Saraswati Puja festival. The Pathetic state of affairs is one the rise in West Bengal under the autocratic rule of Mamata Banerjee.

For me what’s more Shocking is that Why any Mainstream media highlighted this incident? The Indian Express reports that tension escalated on January 27th when students started to perform saraswati Puja in the campus to be held on Feb 1. The school property was attacked by vandalistic forces, which forced the Local police to impose section 144, not able to handle the pressure, teacher-in -charge Mr. Utpal Mallik resigned from his position. A group of Islamist most of whom are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh –openly threatened CM Mamata Banerjee. But her silence is maintained because of Appeasement of policies followed.

Now I ask So called Custodians of our Secularism, the greats like Aamir Khan, When movies like Ae Dil Mushkil was not allowed in theaters many bigwigs from Bollywood came in front, where are those people, why can’t they condemn such a heinous attack on Unarmed students who were very peacefully protesting, Request the Mainstream Media, Bollywood Select few liberals can condemn other issues as mentioned above, please be  Indians first than so called acting as Proxy Custodians of Secularism of India.

I believe this Country with vast expanse, huge diversities in Culture, religion, believe in co-existence, Are we all in 21st century Or in which era I really don’t Understand, why we need to Succumb to Anti-social Elements, Appeasement policies or for that matter Anti-National activities, this is land of God Krishna who gave us all  “Bhagwad Gita”, request everyone to read & Understand the Principle of “Vasudaiva Kutumbakkam” & maintain an Atmosphere where Religion is respected and not Hurting anyone’s Sentiments.

Vande Mataram

courtsey: postcard.news (article by Dr.S.Sukanya Iyer)

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