Chetan Das Baba

Several saints are not recognized by ordinary people and they perform Sadhana secretly. In April 2010, I had gone to Dehri-on-Sone in Bihar for a five-day discourse. On the fourth day, when I reached the venue, a Bhajan being sung from the stage in an extremely sweet, divine voice caught my attention. The voice was of a seeker, who had retired from government service. He used to dress like a sanyasi and sing Bhajans, and was doing Sadhana while living the life of a householder.

After listening to his Bhajans, when I made a subtle analysis, I came to know that he was indeed nearing a saintly level (his spiritual level was 68%). It was not known to any of his neighbors that a Jivatma (embodied soul) of such a high spiritual level was doing Sadhana in their midst.
People used to respect him as a saintly householder, but no one knew that he was nearly a saintly figure. When I went there in April this year, I found through subtle sense that He (Shri Vidya Shankar Mishra) had attained a spiritual level of 70% through his consistency in sadhana and that he had achieved the gurupad – guru level of the saintly order(at 80 % spiritual level, the saint achieves the sadguru level and at 90% the paratpar level is achieved). Hence, it was essential to accord the honor he deserved. Thus, on the last day of the discourse, I publicly announced His saintly stature , while he was hesitatingly saying, “Mother, do not reveal me, let me stay in disguise.” Such are saints!!

He had been initiated by His Holiness Devraha Baba in 1966 and Baba had named him Chetan Das. Baba had already told him, “practice sadhana leading the life as a householder, you will attain self-realization.” Words of saints are bramavakya (set in stone); hence, he had to become a saint.

Hence the presence of the spiritually evolved ones (in its pure sense) cannot be felt by ordinary people; so keep in mind that saints have no special identity in the physical form. hey can be Sanyasis (mendicants), or righteous householders too; they can be of any age, of any caste, or be a man, or woman. Hence, it is unfair to restrict saints within physical parameters.


H.H Tanuja Thakur

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