Characteristics of a guru :

The scriptures have shown some guidance in this 1503regard to the sincere Seeker..

A True Guru is one who has the following characteristics :
1) He remains equanamous ( inspite of pain or pleasure ).
2) He is unaffected by praise or crtiticism.
3) He doesnt ask anything ( not even a penny ) in return for his spiritual teachings or grace.
4) He doesnt expect anything from anyone.
5) He treats both the rich & the poor equally.
6) He loves everyone unconditionally.
(( Now these all points a conman can also disguise within himself )).. so the most important observation is listed below..

7) A True Guru stays away ( is not interested ) in fame, money or women..

If He looks interested in any of the 3 vices above, the alarm bells should ring,., & one should leave Him as early as possible..

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