Aspects for establishing Hindu nation :

     The 2nd ‘All India Hindu Convention’ was held in June 2013 at Ramnathi, Goa. It was attended by leaders of renowned Hindu organisations, intellectuals etc. Let us see the important aspects Hindu activists (who participated in the Convention) should possess for this mission.

        Samashti destiny of Hindus is responsible for the pathetic

      condition of Hindus and spiritual practice is the only solution !

Deeds of the previous and present birth decide the destiny and fate of every person. Establishment of the Hindu Nation is not associated with destiny of one person, but is associated with the destiny of all Hindus in Hindustan as also Hindus living abroad.

The root causes of the present pathetic condition of Hindus are the Raja-Tama-predominant Hindu rulers, leaders, people and their selfish, narrowminded and demoniacal nature.

The destiny of Hindus is dependent on their deeds. There is only one way to change this destiny. Hindus need to discard their selfishness and narrow-mindedness, and instead of thinking only about themselves and their family, they need to think about the welfare of all Hindus. For this, rulers, leaders and people need to become sattvik; this can happen only if Hindus get Dharmashikshan (Education on Dharma), if they abide by Dharma and perform spiritual practice. This will change their destiny and the Hindu Nation will be established easily. This is their Karmayoga.

                                If sadhana can bring about
          God-realisation, it will certainly help establish the Hindu Nation !

In Hindu Dharma, there are 3 main paths of God-realisation – Karmayoga (Path of action), Bhaktiyoga (Path of devotion) and Dnyanyoga (Path of knowledge). If these paths can be followed for God-realisation, they can certainly help establish Hindu Nation !

A. Karmayoga : While performing any deed as per Karmayoga, we should remember – Yogaha Karmasu Kaushalam (Shrimadbhagawadgita 2:50), which means – Yoga is the very dexterity of work (Karmayoga is the dexterity of work, because it not only robs work of its power to bind, but also transforms it into an efficient means of freedom.)

Devote thyself, therefore, to this Yoga.

B. Bhaktiyoga : Bhaktiyoga  means surrendering to Deities. Shiva is the Deity of Bharat.

In today’s times, we should worship Bhagawan Shrikrushna  reinstating Dharma (Righteous-ness), protecting the virtuous and destroying the evildoers.

Therefore, worshipping Deity Shiva and Bhagawan Shrikrushna, chanting their Names and praying everyday for the establishment of the Hindu Nation is Bhaktiyoga. With the grace of Deity Shiva, the 2nd ‘All India Hindu Convention’ was held at Goa’s Ramnath Devasthan – Deity Shiva’s Temple.

C. Dnyanyoga : Study Shrimadbhagawadgita, literature of Saints, Sanatan’s Holy texts and follow the principles explained in them. With study of Spirituality, your perspective towards life will change, you will be able to reply to the doubts of others, guide them and obtain spiritual strength.

Aspects to be remembered by people who are working for Hindutva

Hindu activists have yearning to establish the Hindu Nation. They are leaders and representatives of people. Bhagawan Shrikrushna has said in Shrimadbhagawadgita 3:21 – Behaviour of leaders, respected people and Saints is followed by other people; what they demonstrate by action, that people follow.

Hindu activists should remember the aspects given ahead while following the guidance given in the 2nd ‘All India Hindu Convention’.

1. Study our Holy scriptures, Shrimadbhagawadgita and Sanatan’s Holy texts.

2. Chant the Names of Bhagawan Shrikrushna and Deity Shiva, worship and pray for establishment of the Hindu Nation.

3. Abide by Dharma. Your behavior should be such that it is an ideal for the people.

4. Devote at least one hour every day to serve the Nation and Dharma; if possible, give all your time for this and complete your samashti sadhana.

5. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Bhagawan Shriram are our ideals. Study their life-history and adopt their principles.

Netaji Subhashchandra Bose used to say that if 40 crore Hindus raise the slogan of ‘Har Har Mahadev’, the British will leave India in a day. The Hindu Nation will be established when we follow this advice.

Brothers and sisters ! Let all those who participated in the ‘All India Hindu Convention’ – leaders from various regions, journalists, intellectuals, advocates and Saints – unite under the leadership of Bhagawan Shrikrushna. Let us become one with each other. Let us give up small identities of our organisations, sects, and instead nurture the identity of the Hindu Nation and Hindu Dharma (meaning, nurture patriotism and respect for our Dharma); take an oath to sacrifice our body, mind and wealth for establishment of the Hindu Nation.

If you need any assistance or guidance, Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti will always stand firmly behind you. Blessings of Bhagawan Shrikrushna are always with us.

|| Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram ||   Paratpar Guru His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale (5.6.2013)


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