Poonam Kumari’s Spiritual Experiences (Anubhuti) of seekers

Kali Maa 10
Anubhuti of Poonam Kumari Godda’s seeker (Class IX)
(i) On July 12, 2010, while I was mopping the floor, I felt as if I was mopping the floor at Kali temple.
(ii) On January 19, 2011, when I was doing Seva at Vishnudham, I saw God Krushna’s smiling face in a flower pot.
Analysis of Anubhuti:
Vishnudham is our ancestral house. When I reached there in June 2008, snakes and scorpions used to emerge and dirt was lying all over the place and the  negative energies had converted it into their abode; but ever since I started living there, I considered it to be my Shree Guru’s Dhaam (abode), got it cleaned, carried out Vaastu Shuddhi on a daily basis, performed Sadhana regularly and within a short time, it became the dwelling of benevolent energies.  In such a situation, it is natural for seekers to get such Anubhutis.
(iii) On July 13, 2010, when I was doing chanting, I felt as if I were chanting in Kaali temple and my chanting were reverberating in the temple premises.
(iv) On October 2, 2010, while I was doing chanting, I felt as if I were chanting at Kaali temple and Tanuja Didi too is chanting along with me.
Analysis of Anubhuti:
This was being felt, due to the state of Bhav (spiritual emotion).
(v) On July 3, 2010, when I was going to attend a Satsang (discourse) of Upasana, I felt that Maa Kaali asking me whether I would go to the temple without applying a ‘teeka’ (round-shaped vermillion mark) on the forehead?  I then put a “teeka” on the forehead and proceeded to the temple.
Analysis of Anubhuti: Ever since these seekers have been told about the importance of applying a ‘tilak’, they regularly make an effort to do so and at times, when they forget, Maa Kaali reminds them about it.  What is special is that all this happens due to their Bhav.
(vi) On December 26, 2010, I was listening to Didi’s Satsang at Agrasen Bhawan, when I started experiencing both, problems, as well as bliss.   I then saw God Krushna smiling, sitting to my right.  Till the time, God Krushna was with me, I experienced lesser problems, but as soon as God Krushna left, my problems started increasing; I then felt, as if Maa Kaali were carrying out spiritual healing upon me and saying, ‘Do not worry, I am with you.’
Analysis of Anubhuti:
If more Chaitanya (divine consciousness) is present during a Satsang and a seeker suffers from problems caused by negative energies, but the Bhav  is good, spiritual healing is carried out on such seekers and due to the inner subtle war taking place inside, the seeker experiences problems.   Due to Bhav, one gets a Darshan (divine glimpse) of the deity .
(vii) On July 27, 2010, I was thinking that Didi should take me along with her to Godda town for Dharma Prasaar Seva and hardly half-an-hour had passed, when a seeker, Ruchi, came to me and told me that Didi has asked you to accompany her to Godda for Dharma Prasaar Seva.  I got the impression that Didi understood my innermost thoughts.
Analysis of Anubhuti:
Such thoughts reach us through universal mind and universal intellect.
(viii) On June 16, 2010, while I was chanting “Om Namah Shivaay’, I felt as if something was flowing from the eyes of His Holiness Dr. Jayant Athavale, into my eyes.
Analysis of Anubhuti:
Chaitanya was getting transmitted from the eyes of His Holiness Gurudev into her eyes.  Maximum Chaitanya is projected from the feet, then from hands and the eyes of saints.

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