Spiritual Experience of an acquaintance of Shri Subhash Srinivas

Lakshmi Maa

“When Tanuja Didi came to my house in Chennai for the second time, I took her to a friend of mine, who is also my neighbour. The family is associated with Vaishnavite sect. I had not told him much about Didi. Even then, he and his wife accorded a welcome with lots of spiritual emotion, though Didi stayed at their house only for 10 minutes. As per South Indian tradition, the lady of the house bade a farewell to Didi with coconut, banana, betel, turmeric, and vermillion and also offered a contribution for spiritual work. As Didi had to go out for some other work, Didi too could not talk much about Sadhana with them.

After Didi’s departure, the wife of our friend settled down for a siesta. She saw an incident in her dream. She saw Tanuja Didi in the form of Mahalakshmi. After the dream, she woke up and quickly came to our house to meet Didi once again and said Didi had given her Darshan in the form of Mahalakshmi. She stayed at our house till Didi returned from her programme and returned only after receiving Didi’s blessings. After this incident, they have experienced several pleasant worldly experiences.”

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