All the beings had been latent before birth and after death, remain in latent existence

avyaktadeenibhutaanI vyaktmadhyaanI Bharat                                                                                                                                                                                                                               avyakanidhanyanev tatra ka parivedana  – Shrimad Bhagvad Gita (2.28)


Meaning: O Arjun!  All the beings were latent before birth and will become latent after death, only in the interregnum (in gross form) are they visible. Hence, in such a situation, why the grief?

Implied Meaning : After listening to the problems given by ancestors, a few less knowledgeable ones and so-called Dnyanmargis (those who pretend to be treading the path of knowledge) say that God

Krushna has said in Gita that immediately after death, Jivatma (embodied soul) assumes a physical form again. Hence, when ancestors are born soon after death, where does the question of giving them Gati (momentum after life through spiritual pursuit) arise ?

To respond to such questions, let us understand the science of spirituality.  First of all, until or unless all the accumulated fruits of past karmas good or bad doesn’t get nullified by the Jivatma (embodied soul) , the final liberation cannot be attained; the Jivatma   is compelled to be born again and again and has to follow the cycle of birth and death on earth.

Including the Earth, there are seven worlds: ‘Bhu, Bhuva, Swarg, Maha, Jan, Tap and Satya’. After death, the embodied soul goes to different worlds according to their deeds and Sadhana (spiritual practice). If a Jivatma (embodied soul) has committed many sins, the soul has to undergo different kinds of torture in various hell regions and if he or she has done good deeds then that embodied soul experience pleasures in Swarglok (heaven).   Having enjoyed fruits of the good deeds in heaven or undergoing torture due to bad deeds in hell, if the time has come, the embodied soul has to take birth on earth again.  This vicious cycle keeps repeating itself.  The souls that become Brahmadnyani (highly realised), get liberated from the cycle of birth and death and according to their spiritual level, proceed for Mahalok (higher heaven) or even higher levels of the subtle region; and return to earth either to do Sadhana (spiritual practice) at   faster pace for spiritual progress and  attain final liberation, or according to God’s will take birth to do Dharm-Kaarya (work pertaining to Dharma); they are known as divyaatmas ( the blessed souls).

If a Ling Deh’s (subtle body) desires or passions remain unfulfilled, or it has committed several sins and is not able to migrate to heaven or hell, they become an unsatiated subtle body. Their descendants have to practice Sadhana (spiritual practice) to provide them Gati (momentum after life to higher subtle regions). This is known as ancestral debt.  Shri Krushna has said in the second chapter of Gita:

“All the beings had been latent before birth and after death, remain in latent existence. Only upon this earth, they assume a physical body.  Hence, why worry about this subject?”

It means the Jivatma is in a latent existence before birth, and  even  after death. Till the time of taking rebirth, its subtle existence continues, thereby meaning there is no immediate birth after death always. This is a point worth noting. This makes it clear that the so-called intellectuals and the knowledge of the alleged Dnyaanmargis is hollow and they confound the society by totally distorting the meaning of spirituality. Tanuja Thakur


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