The concept of spiritual level is an eternal Dharmasiddhant (doctrine) of Vedic Sanatan Dharma

Upon hearing about spiritual levels in terms of percentage, few of my readers sometimes give a sharp reaction!  However, by God’s grace, this did not happen to me. When I found my Shreeguru (Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavle, founder of Sanatan Sanstha) propounding the science of spirituality in terms of percentage, I wanted to understand this concept and after understanding the doctrine intellectually, I started to analyase the spiritual level of people around me through my sixth sense. By guru’s grace my subtle senses became more sharp through Sadhana, which by God’s grace had already been in an awakened state before I started doing Sadhana under my Shreeguru’s patronage. In my initial  days of sadhana somehow, I started believing  that it is the best means to understand the sublte dimension of spirituality through the definition of spiritual level in terms of modern scientific terminology. Hence, I have to understand this concept and for this, I will surely make whatever possible efforts have to be made. Upon inculcating such a optimisitic viewpoint, I found that several things pertaining to the subtle world started to get naturally imbibed and choosing the curious ones and seekers for Dharma Prasaar Seva, too became extremely easy for me. Similarly, after becoming aware of their spiritual level, giving them Seva according to their level became easy.
I always feel that the viewpoint of the curious one, or a seeker, should be such that these are the principles laid down by a self-realised saint of the highest order, so they must be factual and we must try to understand them. On the contrary, remember that straightaway rejecting a concept without realising the gross and sublte aspect of it, is the sign of ego. In Vedic Sanatan Dharma, this principle has always existed. That is why words such as Guru, Sadguru, Paratpar Guru Rushi, Rajarshi, Brahmarshi were an indivisible part of our religious scriptures.
Several times, during Dharma Prasaar, seeing the external behaviour of a seeker at the level of intellect, it seemed that the person would be a seeker of a high spiritual level; but upon a subtle analysis, the person would be found to be at a very low spiritual level which used to surprise me. However, with the passage of time, when I used to analyse the  incidences of that seeker, it used to give the clear indication of his spiritual capacity, I used to realise that the subtle analysis was correct and the intellectual analysis was wrong !
Recently, as one Babaji who has acquired fame, was being described by everyone as Sadguru, meaning at a  guru above spiritual level of 80%.  When I made a subtle analysis, I came to know that he was an impostor and was under the control of negative forces of the subtle world and was merely at a spiritual level of 40% and that he possessed some Tantric Siddhis (psychic powers) from the previous birth, which had got awakened all of a sudden. Using them, he had opened up a shop of spirituality !  His sole objective was to earn money and fame through whatever means, fair or foul.  I revealed this fact  after some seekers asked questions about him. I told them this fact before he was reveled as an impostor and I was grateful to my Shreeguru that he taught me about the subtle science of spirituality!  – Tanuja Thakur

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