Krushnam vande jagatgurum

The saints of the highest order dont have to do anything for spiritually healing others, the seekers get healed by mere existence of their physical body ! But still since seekers dont understand their spiritual prowess hence they do good acting of mudras , sprinkling water , chanting mantras etc. ! Once I saw my Shreeguru doing the same , but I strongly felt He is doing leela , the next day I read the lines I shared just now ! Thats the power of saints , I feel they are great actors they convey what has to be conveyed and rest conceal it with a great art ! They are like the leeldhari Bhagwan Krushna ! He showed the Wishwaroop only to Arjun , the few at that time too thought He is a cowherd ! Hence we say Krushnam vande jagatgurum ! Shree guruve namah !

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