Establishing Goddess Ashtabhuja and Navarnav Yantra

**A. Process of inviting the Goddess and establishing Her ritualistically: The first step in the worship of Goddess during Navratri is inviting Her and establishing Her ritualistically. Due to the resolve in the invitation the energy waves remain activated for a longer time at the site of worship.

B. Ritualistic establishment of the Goddess Ashtabhuja: Goddess Ashtabhuja is the destroyer form of Shakti (Energy principle). Navratri symbolises the actual existence of the primal Shakti which is absolute Fire principle laden. The weapons in the hands of the Goddess Ashtabhuja symbolise the pro-activeness of Her destroyer form. These weapons laden with the destroyer principle act as eight guardians of the eight directions. With the help of the absolute Fire principle they protect the Universe by putting a check on movements of the raja-tama frequencies by blocking their activities.

C. Establishing ritualistically the Navarnav yantra : The Navarnav yantra symbolises the ascending of the Goddess on Her throne established on the Earth. There is confluence and solidification of the destroyer frequencies of the nine forms of Goddess in the Navarnav yantra. Hence, this throne symbolises the presence of the attributeless form of Goddess. The ‘with attribute’ form of the Goddess that appears into the active motion of the Universe from this yantra is believed to symbolise the practical action oriented principle.

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source : Forum for Hindu Awakening

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