How to win over desires?

(i) This human life of ours is not for the satiation of desires, but for winning over the desires; hence, provide self-suggestion to the mind regarding this.
(ii) Santosham Param Sukham, according to this principle, whatever God has provided us is enough, lead your life thinking thus.
(iii) Whenever new desires are born and thoughts about their fulfilment come to the mind, look at a person of a lower status, as to how they are leading their life without fulfilling those desires. This will calm down your intensity to fulfil your desire.
(iv) Do Sadhana, this will not lead to the birth of new impressions in your mind and under any circumstance, because of maintaining a proper spiritual viewpoint, you will get help to rein in your desires.
(v) On the fulfilment of one desire, another one automatically emerges to take its place, this is the function of the mind; hence provide self-suggestion to control the mind.
(vi) Bliss is inherent not in enjoyment, but in sacrifice, repeat this point in your mind time and again.
(vii) Chant the name of God constantly, this helps in controlling the mind easily and the mother of all desires, the mind starts moving towards Manolaya (dissolution ).-Tanuja Thakur

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