Resolving Pitru Dosh

Pitru Paksh is a golden opportunity for resolving Pitru Dosh. In its midst, our ancestors come to the members of our family, or the household. If we make all the efforts to satiate our ancestors as per Vedic Sanatan Dharma during Pitru Paksh, they then bless us. If we offer water-sesame Tarpan (offering of water), Shraddh, serving food to Brahmins and chant Shree Guru Dev Datt during this period, they remain satiated for the entire duration of the year.

For this, try to do the following things during Pitru Paksh:
• During Pitru Paksh, serve food to a Brahmin on the mrityu tithi (date of death as per the Hindu calendar) of the head of ancestor. If the tithi is not known, offer food on the day of Amavasya (No Moon day), if this is not possible, offer money on that tithi to a Brahmin for eating food. (On that tithi, giving food to poor people does not in any way help in the resolution of Pitru Dosh).
• During Pitru Paksh, chant 72 Malas (rosary of beads) everyday. For the entire duration of 15 days, play the CD of the chant of Shree Guru Dev Datt twenty-four hours of the day. For this, you can procure the CD from us, for that you can contact us on 09999861908. You can also listen the chant on youtube on this link …..
• During Pitru Paksh, the men of the household must offer water-sesame Tarpan and perform Shraddh everyday. For this, you can refer to the chapters on Tarpan and Shraddh, given in Nitya Karm Pooja Prakash, a publication of Gita Press, Gorakhpur, or access the book, Shraddh evam Tarpan Vidhi kaise karein(how to do shraaddh and tarpan ?). These books can be bought from any sales outlet of Gita Press.
Side by side, for the resolution of Pitru Dosh, apply the following solutions even after Pitru Paksh.
• Worship a photograph, or image of God Dattatreya.
• Chant Shree Guru Dev Datt regularly for four to six hours in case of severe level of attacks by the ancestors.
• Perform monthly Shraddh.
• Remove pictures/photographs of ancestors from your sight, or from Puja ghar (place worship. Either immerse it, or wrap it in a white cloth and keep it in an almirah, if you want, you may take out the photograph on the day of Shraddha.
• Tell all the points pertaining to resolution of Pitru Dosh to as many people as possible and about chanting Shree Guru Dev Datt.
• Contribute your mite through your body-mind-money for the mission of saints.

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