The real Wise is the one who knows that all the paths lead to same goal of God Realization

Yatsaankhyaih praapyate sthaanam tad yogair api gamyate;
Ekam saankhyam cha yogam cha yah pashyati sa pashyati. – Shreemadbhagwad Geeta (5:5)
That place which is reached by the Sankhyas or the Dnyanis is reached by the (Karma) Yogis. He sees who sees knowledge and the performance of action (Karma Yoga) as one.
Implied meaning : One fundamental principle of Sanatan Dharma is that there are as many pathways to God as the number of people on this earth .In sanatan Dharma ,there are many ways of god realization which are called as yog marg(path of reunioun with god) and one can attain moksha through any of these.According to Sanatan dharma,every one is allowed to follow his own different path to God realization because every body is a separate entity and their nature, sanchit karmas (cumulative actions of previous lives), destiny, willfull action , five basic principles and the ratio of cosmic elements of which body consists i.e earth,water,fire, air and ether etc. are different hence their yogmarg has to be different , this is the vastness and super specialisation of Sanatan dharma and its beauty too. All the paths, whether it is path of knowledge,path of devotion or path of actions lead to one and same God realization.In the above couplet,God Shri Krishna is explaining that the real wise is the one who knows that all the paths lead to same goal of god one should have respect for all the paths leading to god realization.  Tanuja Thakur

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