Ganesha Stuti


मुदाकरात्तमोदकं सदा विमुक्तिसाधकं
कलाधरावतंसकं विलासिलोकरक्षकम् ।
अनायकैकनायकं विनाशितेभदैत्यकं
नताशुभाशुनाशकं नमामि तं विनायकम् ॥
MudaakaraattaModakam Sadaa VimuktiSaadhakam
KalaaDharaAvatamsakam VilaasilokaRakshakam
AnaayakaikaNaayakam VinaashitebhaDaityakam
NataAshubhaAshuNaashakam Namaami Vinaayakam
Meaning: Obeisance to Sri Vinayaka who holds the divine joy in His hand as modaka (a sweetmeat) and who always strives to accomplish the liberation of His Devotees towards that divine bliss, who holds the digit of the moon as His ornament and with a joyful spirit protects the World, who is without any Master but is Himself the only Master for His devotees and protects them by destroying the (inner) demons, to those who surrender to Him, He Destroys the inauspicious tendencies quickly; I Salute and surrender to Him.

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