Spreading Spirituality through Books

Propagation of spirituality is done more through Dnyanshakti (power of knowledge) than through Kriyashakti (power of action) !

In the period between 1986 to 2006, I toured a lot, in order to hold lectures based on the science of spirituality, workshops (training sessions) and public meetings. Since 2007, due to extremely low Praanshakti (vital force), I could not go out anywhere. Initially, I felt that if I am not able to go out, how will I be able to do Dharma Prasaar (service of spreading spirituality)? I could not go out anywhere, hence I used to spend more and more time in writing books. In the year 2013, I found that the number of Saadhaks (seekers) who would have done Sadhana had I gone out, many more multiples of curious ones the world over have started progressing on the path of Sadhana merely through the medium of books compiled by me. This proves again that while propagating spirituality, the amount of propagation that can be done by visiting all the places, in comparison many times more of that can be achieved by breaking the barriers of the limits of place and time through writing books, implying through Dnyanshakti. The books authored by Saint Dnyaneshwar, Saint Tukaram, Saint Tulsidas perform the service of spreading spirituality just like Vedas and Upanishads even after the passage of thousands of years. These are all well-known examples of the service of spreading spirituality through books.
–  Paratpar Guru   His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale
(Magha Krushna Paksh, Chaturthi, Kaliyug Varsh 5114 (1.3.2013)

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