The characteristics of person with evil tendencies

वेदास्त्यागश्च यज्ञाश्च नियमाश्च तपांसि च | 
न विप्रदुष्टभावस्य सिद्धिं गच्छन्ति कर्हिचित || – मनुस्मृति
Vedastaygashch yadnyaashch niyamashch tapansi ch
N vipradushtbhavashch siddhim gachchhanti karhichit – manusmruti
Meaning : The person with evil tendencies are the servant of the senses and are always indulged in the fulfilment of his desires, hence for them learning Vedas, practising sacrifice, doing yadnyas (performing sacrifical fires) or abiding the scriptures or doing penance is not possible . Hence they are not able to achieve anything.

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