The behaviour of the noble ones is followed in words and deeds by other people

यद्यदाचरति श्रेष्ठस्तत्तदेवेतरो जनः ।
स यत्प्रमाणं कुरुते लोकस्तदनुवर्तते ॥ – श्रीमद्भग्वद्गीता (३:२१)
Meaning: The behaviour of the noble ones is followed in words and deeds by other people. Whatever he demonstrates, the entire mankind follows and starts behaving in similar manner.
Implied Meaning : Following the path that the noble ones tread is Dharma and it is also of the definition of Dharma. Hence, it is the moral responsibility of the noble one that every act of his becomes ideal. The saints who preach spiritual practice to the society, themselves too should pay extreme attention to their external behaviour because society imitates them. The society follows their actions without understanding the implied meaning behind them.
Why is there extreme sin in the society today ?
Because the role models or the ideals of the society have changed ! The role models for today’s young generation are Raj-Tam pre-dominant film actors and actresses, or cricketers and corrupt politicians. None of them is worthy of becoming an ideal for the society. When young minds see them performing immoral acts and then see the society still respect them, they feel their role models are ideals and in following them, they too lose their way. Hence, while choosing a role model, one must make utmost care and use  one’s wisdom. Today, most of the women have started following western culture in wearing clothes. They find nothing wrong in wearing revealing clothes. Similarly, having watched films, the youth folk has got hooked to addictions, teases women, and looks lustfully at them. Seeing that corrupt politicians do not get punishment, an ordinary person also starts perpetrating corruption at individual level, or encourages corruption by giving bribes. Despite indulging in match-fixing, cricketers too attend societal functions as chief guests. Many so called saints too remain steeped in mirth, despite sporting saffron clothes. In nutshell, there is today a dearth of ideal role models in society. The society has forgotten as to who is to be referred to as the ‘noble one’. Even after striking a cozy bargain with immorality, people are neither afraid, nor pricked by their conscience while doing immoral acts, perhaps because many do not even consider these acts as immoral. The situation has become so perilous that today the very definition of what constitutes an ideal has completely changed. Hence, both at the societal and individual level, life has become chaotic. Therefore, an expert in a field if is considered as an ideal by the society. It is the moral duty of such people that they behave in an ideal manner, else they will be liable for more punishment as per the divine ordain. – Tanuja Thakur

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