Importance of Nishkaam Karma


KarmanyevadhikaaRaste ma phaleShu kadaChan
Ma karmaphalheturbhurmo te sangoStavkarmani

Meaning: Your right lies in your Karma (action), never in its fruits. Thus, do not desire for the fruits of the action and may your attachment never also lie in not doing your Karma.
– Shrimadbhagvadgita – 2.47

Implied Meaning : According to an important principle of Karmayog, one must do Nishkaam Karma (action without the expectation of fruit of the action performed) . It is extremely easy to say so, but implementing this requires constant practice. In the beginning, thoughts automatically go towards the fruit, but through an intellectual exercise of the mind, it has to be told time and again that our objective is to do Nishkaam Karma and whether the result is good or bad, Karma has to be performed with complete devotion. Whether the outcome of the deed is good or bad, still one does not get perturbed, it must be understood that the journey on the path of Nishkaam Karma has started. If Karma is filled with Akartapan (performing an act with a sense of non-doer-ship), thoughts do not go towards the fruit of the action. The belief should be that God is the doer of all the actions and I am merely a puppet in His hands; hence, the fruits of the Karma will be as per the Almighty’s wish and it will be totally acceptable to me, such a perspective gets firmly imprinted in the mind. This principle of Karmayog can be observed only by highly evolved Dnyanmargis (those treading the path of knowledge).

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