Anubhuti of Smt. Bharti Jha



Anubhuti of Seekers
Today, we will take a look at the Anubhuti of Smt. Bharti Jha.
(i) On July 15, 2010, I was experiencing extreme physical problems and I was crying. I prayed to Tanuja Didi and started chanting the name of His Holiness Dr. Athavale automatically which I had never done. My trouble got reduced and I felt as if Tanuja Didi were standing near my head and doing spiritual healing upon me.
Analysis of Anubhuti:
The name of a saint has energy manifest in it. The name of saints at Paratpar level (His Holiness Dr. Athavale is at Paratpar level which is the highest status for a saint) contains an element of peace in it rather the energy is unmanifest. When trouble increases and a seeker possesses Bhav, God guides him in the right direction. Nobody had told her that she had to take His Holiness Gurudev’s name in the face of any trouble, but she was automatically reminded of it and her troubles got reduced.
(ii) On February 2, 2010, I was attending the evening Arati that was being performed in Kaali temple in the village, it seemed to me as if a ‘Havan’ was being performed somewhere and divine fragrance was coming, which increased the bliss of performing the Arati.
Analysis of Anubhuti:
If Arati is performed with Bhav and according to the scriptures, seekers get divine Anubhutis while performing it.
(iii) On February 19, 2010, when a negative energy manifested itself on my nephew, I sent a seeker to call Tanuja Didi from her house. When Tanuja Didi returned after healing him, her socks got left behind in our house. I thought I will wash the socks before returning. When I started washing the socks, I was amazed to realize that a divine fragrance was coming from the socks, which was really blissful.”
Analysis of Anubhuti: Each and every belonging of a spiritualist above the level of 60% emits a fragrance, so say the scriptures.
(iv) On March 1, 2010, while cleaning the courtyard of our house with a broomstick,when I went near the Tulsi (basil) plant, it started emitting a rose fragrance at times, and of Elaichi (cardamom) at others and these fragrances hung around in the environment for some time, whereas there was no source of these things that could have emitted such a fragrance.”
Analysis of Anubhuti:
A fragrance of anything that is not present in the vicinity is known as Anubhuti of Pruthvi tattva (element of Earth). This fragrance is experienced not by the nose, but by the Dnyanendriyas (sixth sense) and many a time, it is due to the subtle presence of deities or the Guru (Master).
(v) “On March 5, 2010, I was chanting, sitting on the bed at 12.00 noon, when I felt that someone was sprinkling Gau Mutra (cow’s urine) on me and I felt a bright, orange light was entering my Adnya Chakra (middle point between both the eyebrows).”
Analysis of Anubhuti:
Due to chanting, such kind of spiritual healing takes place. This Anubhuti is an indicator of the science. Once my Shree Guru had said that chanting is the best healing technique for spiritual problems. This Anubhuti confirms His Amrutvani (Divine words).
(vi)“On October 13, 2010, when we retired for the day, barely had I closed my eyes, when I felt the Sanskrut shlokas and Arati, as done by Tanuja Didi in the Kaali temple, were reverberating in my house. I even went to sleep thinking that it was my illusion. But during the night, whenever I opened my eyes, the sound could always be heard.”
Analysis of Anubhuti:
This is known as Anubhuti of Anahat Naad. This too can be heard by the subtle sixth sense

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