Flute of God Krushna

Once the Gopis (female cow-herders) asked the Flute, “O Flute!  How did you get close to Shree Krushna’s lips?”  The Flute replied, “O sister !  I used to silently chant “Krushna, Krushna” amidst a cluster of bamboo plants. One day He cast His (Krushna) eyes upon me; and that was it, first He  distanced me from my family, then He cut me and sorted me. Though the pain was intense, I kept chanting “Krushna Krushna”.  Even then when His heart had still not had enough, He took out all that was inside me, but madly in love, I kept chanting, “Krushna- Krushna”; it was then that Chitchor (Shrikrushna is also addressed as stealer of hearts,) punched holes into my body.  But I kept chanting “Krushna Krushna” insanely. In the end, The Supreme God personified(Krushna) said, “You win, I lose,’ now you will forever adorn my lips.”  – Tanuja Thakur

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