All the Actions(Karma) of a True Yogi becomes Non-Actions(Akarma)

Yadricchaalaabhasantushto dwandwaateeto vimatsarah;
Samah siddhaavasiddhau cha kritwaapi na nibadhyate. (4:22) gita
Meaning:Content with what comes to him without effort, free from the pairs of opposites and envy, even-minded in success and failure, though acting, he is not bound.
Implied Meaning:
When an ordinary being gets the desired commodity, he/she becomes happy and satisfied. When a seeker with an attitude like that of a Yogi gets whatever God, or destiny has willed for him, he accepts it with Krutadnyata (gratitude) and remains contented. Actually, desires become infinitesimal in a Yogi, whatever desires primarily remain in them are towards Sadhana, towards Gurukaarya (Guru’s work), or towards God’s work, or towards welfare of the society.
A Yogi who does not harbour jealousy and one who stays in equipoise amidst all dualities, becomes free from the principle of Karmaphal (fruits of action) that runs this Creation. All their Karmas (actions) have become Akarma Karma (actions that have become non-actions), implying that their actions do not lead to creation of the fruits of such actions, neither do they have any lure to acquire Siddhis (magical powers), nor the luxuries and comforts related to the mortal world, nor do they have any interest in acquiring fame, et al; such a Yogi remains detached from every commodity, situation and sensuality.

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