Tears of a Devout Wife

प्रावाद: सत्यम् एव अयं त्वां प्राति प्रायशो नॄप |
पतिव्रतानां न अकस्मात् पतन्ति अश्रूणि भूतले ||
Meaning : After seeing the dead body of her husband Ravana, Mandodari uttered, “It is said that when the tears of a pati-vrata (a devout wife) drop on the land, they do not go waste. And this has been proved once again in your case.”
Mother Sita was a devoted wife of Prabhu Shri Ram and she had always followed Dharma hence when Ravana having captured and tortured such an elevated soul he had to pay for his sin. Mandodari was a great lady therefore even after her death of her husband Ravan she has spoken such words of wisdom. Hence she is considered to be one among the adorable ones.

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