Vrat (religious observance) of Shravan Monday-Worship of God Shiv !

At the mention of the month of Shravan, one remembers the vrats. It is difficult for the common people to perform conducts according to the Veds. To overcome this difficulty, the Purans make a mention of vrats. In this, the special vrats come in the month of Shravan. For example:
1. Shravan Monday vrat
2. Sixteen Mondays vrat
3. Mangalagauri vrat

Vrat of Shravan Monday:
The presiding Deity to be worshipped for the vrat of Shravan Monday is God Shiva.
Ritual of vrat of Shravan Monday: In this, on every Shravan Monday, the temple of God Shiva is visited and He is worshipped. Some devotees of Shiva offer 108 bel leaves or bel leaves in specific number on the Shiva pindi on every Shravan Monday. Some people visit the holy places of Shiva on Shravan Monday like Kedarnath, Kashi, Babadham, Tryambakeshwar, Gokarna etc. and worship Him with various rituals. It is beneficial to chant the Name of Shiva on the day of Shravan Monday.
Fasting associated with the vrat of Shravan Monday: On this day if possible, ‘nirahar’ fasting is observed. Nirahar fasting means the fasting observed only by drinking water when necessary during the day. Some people observe ‘nakta’ vrat. The period of three ghatika, that is, 72 minutes after the sunset or up to the sight of an asterism is called ‘naktakal’. The person who observes vrat does not consume anything during the day and takes food in this ‘naktakal’.
Some religious actions performed on Shravan Monday: At some holy places the Shiva devotees perform a Kavar journey either on any one Monday or on every Monday of the month as per their ability and offer the water carried in the Kavar on the Shiva pindi. This journey is performed on foot without using footwear.
This vrat is concluded on the fourth Monday of Shravan when at some holy places meals are offered to people. By observing this vrat, God Shiva is apeased and the devotee gets Shiva-sayujya mukti, which means he attains oneness with God Shiva. Combining with this vrat, some women observe one more sub-vrat on every Monday and it is Shivamushti vrat.

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