Eternal Hindu Dharma has no end !

Eternal Hindu Dharma has no end; therefore, its reinstatement will take place starting 2023 at a swift pace without it being thrust upon anyone ! Hindu Dharma has existed from times immemorial. God created Hindu Dharma even before He created humans. No other religion existed at that time; therefore, there was no need for Hindus to propagate their Dharma and they are not used to propagation; whereas, other religions (Sects) have come into existence over the past few thousand years. After establishment of these religions (Sects), the followers of these religions (Sects) used force, fear and lure etc. to bring followers of the earlier Dharma into these religions. Those who got converted in this manner, inculcated its defects in their character; but as per the principle of ‘Whatever is created will eventually be destroyed’, all these religions will now come to an end and Hindu Dharma, which is Anadi (Eternal), will be reinstated as per the times. Hindus will not have to take to any wrong recourse for this; however, others will be drawn to its eternal knowledge – they are getting drawn to it even now ! – Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale

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