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• Some people call me up to seek solution to their personal problems; but let me tell all of you that it is not possible for me to do so. From time to time, I keep sharing solutions to major problems that can manifest in our lives and the spiritual reasons that can cause them. Read them and try to implement them in your life! In this connection, you can even visit and read our blog – or
Any Adharma (sin) committed by you, be it from this life, or from earlier lives, is the primary reason for a majority of your problems; hence, to resolve such grief, do Dharmaacharan and appropirate Sadhana told by saints. Just understand this simple equation, the farther you go away from Vedic Sanatan Dharma, the more painful will your life be and the more qualified Sadhana you perform to live a spiritual life, your life will be a contented and a blissful one; hence, do not imitate the western culture for the sake of modernization, this will surely lead to more problems in the near future, remember no other culture, civilisation or Dharma, except Sanatan Dharma is based upon Sattva-gun (component of Sattva). Perform Sadhana only after understanding the spiritual science according to the principles of Sanatan Dharma, this will reduce your problems, but you will also summon the requisite fortitude to endure the problems that you have to undergo, according to your Prarabdh (destiny)! In a nutshell, – ‘Sukhasya moolah Dharmah’, meaning if we traverse the Dharmapath (path of Dharma) we will be happy and there is but only one Dharma, that is Sanatan Dharma, the remaining ones are all Panths (sects) ! Dharma has been created by God and sects are man-made, this is the essential difference between Dharma and Panth. Tanuja Thakur

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