“Raja Kaalasya Kaaranam”,

krishna-gita1• Once Yudhishthir asked Shree Krushna, “Has Duryodhana’s intellect got corrupted because the time is inappropriate, or because Duryodhana is unrighteous, hence adverse times are upon us”? God Shree Krushna said, “Raja Kaalasya Kaaranam”, meaning as is the King, so will be the times”! If the king is an evil one, the subjects too start following him and the time too will be called Kaliyug (age of Kali)! If the king is Sattvaguni (one with elements of Sattva – purity) and is Dharmaacharani (one who abides by Dharma), the time is called Satyug, hence overthrowing and uprooting an evil king is a part of abiding Dharma !- Paratpar Guru  Tanuja Thakur

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