Diplomacy is important in Dharmyuddh :

Diplomacy is important in Dharmyuddh :
If the enemy is hell bent on deceit, diplomacy in Dharmayuddha is important! I am sharing an inspirational story in this regard.
Devotion of God Shree Ram and Hanuman’s tact brought about the complete destruction of Ravan!
During the war in Lanka, God Brahma asked Prabhu Shree Ram to worship and appease Chandi Devi for the annihilation of Ravan and as prescribed, 108 rare Neelkamal (blue lotuses) were arranged for Chandi Pujan and a Havan (sacrificial fire). Similarly, on the other hand, Ravan too in the greed to attain immortality started doing Chandi Pooja.
This was conveyed by Indradev through the medium of God Varun to Shree Ram and advised Him that the Chandi Paath should be completed as soon as possible. Here, at the place where Puja was being performed, a Neelkamal disappeared from the Hawan material, due to the illusory powers of Ravan and it seemed that Ram’s resolve would be broken. The fear was that Maa Chandi might be displeased. Arranging a rare Neelkamal immediately was impossible, then Shri Ram suddenly remembered that people call Him ‘Kamalnayan Navkanj Lochan’, meaning His eyes are equivalent to the fresh lotus then why not offer one eye to fulfill the resolve and no sooner did God Ram took out an arrow from his quiver and got ready to take out one of his eyes, did Devi appear and caught hold of His hand and said, “Ram, I am pleased” and showered on Him the blessings of victory. Meanwhile, in Ravan’s Chandi Path Yadnya, Hanuman joined in serving Brahmins in the form of a batuk (Brahmin child). Pleased with His selfless Seva, the Brahmins asked Shree Hanuman to ask for a boon. Upon this, Shree Hanuman politely said, “ If you have been pleased, so the Mantra with which you are doing the Yadnya, please change one letter from it on my saying. The Brahmins could not unravel the secret and said Tathastu (So be it)! In the Mantra, instead of ‘Ha’ in Jayadevi bhoortiharini, pronounce ‘Ka’, this is my desire.
Bhoortiharini, meaning one who relieves the beings of pain and Kaarini, meant one who causes pain for human beings and this displeased Devi and She got Ravan destroyed. By getting Ha replaced by Ka, Shree Hanuman altered the direction of Yadnya being performed by Ravan.

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