The motherly and pious love of Lakshman for Sita Mata

न अहं जानामि केयुरे, नाहं जानामि कुण्डले |
नूपुरे तु अभिजानामि नित्यं पादाभिवन्दनात् || – रामायण
n aham janaami keyure naham janami kundale
nupure tu abhijanaami nityam paadabhiwandataat
Meaning : When Ravana was forcefully taking away Sita Mata, She had thrown few of her ornaments
in a hope that Sri Rama might see those and make His way to Her.
Rama showed these ornaments to Lakshmana and asked if he could recognize those.
At that moment Lakshmana said – “ I do not  know about Sita’s ear rings nor can I identify any
other ornaments of her.
I use to always bow at her feet to get her blessings, I can only recognize her feet chain (nupure).”

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