Om Namah Shivay

वन्दे उमापतिं सुरगुरुं वन्दे जगत्कारणम् |
वन्दे पन्नगभूषणं मृगधरं वन्दे पशूनां पतिम् |
वन्दे सूर्य शशाङ्क वह्निनयन वन्दे मुकुन्द प्रियम् |
वन्दे भक्तजनाश्रयं च वरदं वन्दे शिवं शङ्करम् ||
Meaning : Obeisance to the God of Goddess Uma, to the Preceptor of gods,
Obeisance to the cause of the universe. Obeisance to the one who
holds a deer in His hands (Who is the master of the mind). Obeisance to Him, who is the God of the Pashus (souls in bondage). Obeisance to Him who has the sun (intellect), moon (mind) and fire (knowledge) for his eyes. Obeisance to Him who is the beloved of Mukunda (God Vishnu). Obeisance to Him Who is the refuge of His devotees, and who is the giver of boons. Obeisance to Him who is all auspicious and is the doer of all that is good ! Obeisance to Bhagavan Shiva !

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