Difference between donation made for Spiritual Cause to Saints and Social Cause.

What is the difference between offering money for a social cause and for spiritual cause to saints ?
The offering should always be to the Absolute Truth not to a beggar, hospital, school, etc. from the Great Illusion. It should always be to the ‘deserving’, (sat patre danam) that is ‘to the one worthy of it’. In this world, there is none more worthy than saints; hence any offering should be made only unto Them. Saints and Gurus are the manifest (physical) forms of the unmanifest God. Hence, any offering made unto saints and the Guru is as good as an offering to God Himself. Thus offering back to God what belongs to Him does not create a ‘give and take account’ rather completes it. As such, the offering made unto saints reduces the accumulated account (sanchit) and increases the ability to withstand the effects of destiny. Moreover, neither is any ‘give and take account’ thereby created, nor are any merits acquired. Hence, whatever has to be offered should be given only to saints or for the mission of the Absolute Truth. This is possible only for a seeker in the stage of mental worship (upasanakand) chanting The God’s Name. The one practising the inferior Path of Action (Karmayoga) gives alms to beggars, donations to schools and hospitals under the influence of emotions. Only merits are acquired from such actions. Seekers desirous of Liberation (mumukshu) want neither merits nor sins, since only heaven and not the Final Liberation (Moksha) is attainable with merits. – Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale

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